Summer Programmes

The Faculty of Science (FoS) at National University of Singapore (NUS) collaborates with a number of overseas universities in offering summer programmes for FoS students. Summer programmes are short-term academic programmes of between four and seven weeks, typically with components of field trips and social activities. As summer programmes usually take place during the NUS vacation period, students will have the wonderful opportunity to broaden their horizons without disrupting academic schedules.

Some summer programmes are on an exchange-basis, where tuition fees are waived. For such an arrangement, students are only required to pay for their airfare, accommodation, visa (if needed) and living expenses. Other summer programmes are fee-paying, where students need to pay tuition fees to the overseas university on top of airfare, accommodation, visa (if needed) and living expenses.

On top of faculty-level summer programmes, the NUS Global Relations Office also offers University-wide summer programmes.

Tuiton Fee-waiver Summer Exchange Programmes
Fee-paying Summer Programmes
General Application Process
  • Look out for e-mail announcements from the Dean's Office in late January/early February calling for applications.
  • For programmes which require an interview, it is compulsory to attend the interview (details of the interview slot will be sent separately).
  • Students will be informed of the faculty's selection results via their NUS email.
  • Students who are selected for the programme will be given further instructions on how they should proceed to confirm their acceptance of offer and submit all required documentations for official application to the host university.
  • Students will also be provided with further instructions on financial aid application as well as module mapping submission and the mapping approval process.
  • Check your emails regularly for updates on your application status from the host university. Further information about accommodation, course enrolment, visa application etc. will be followed up later by the host university.
  • Request for credit transfer upon returning to NUS after completion of the summer programme by having the module mapping approvals and submitting the official transcript obtained from the host university.
    Note: For request for credit transfer (through the Dean's Office) module mappings have to be approved by the respective faculty/department in NUS and the official transcript obtained from the host university has to indicate passing letter grades/marks for the modules taken at the host university according to the host university’s grading system.
NUS Tuition Fees and Modular Credits

Students can map a total of 12 Modular Credits (MCs) from a maximum of 2 overseas summer/winter programmes without having to pay NUS tuition fees. Any additional MCs mapped will be subjected to NUS Special Term fees. Students who have exceeded the 12 MCs and still wish to transfer credits may do so by paying Special Term fees.