Science Second Major

Students may choose to read a second major, in addition to their primary major, to broaden the scope of their undergraduate education as well as to increase their employability.

A second major consists of at least 48 MCs, of which up to 8 MCs can be double counted towards requirements (for Cohorts AY2013/2014 and earlier) and 16 MCs can be double counted towards requirements (for Cohorts AY2014/2015 and after). As double major students complete only one set of University Level and Faculty requirements, only one degree will be awarded.

The Faculty of Science offers eight second majors.

 Science students interested in reading a second major offered by other faculties in NUS should check your mailbox regularly as the call for application is usually done through email.


Data Analytics (Offered to students matriculated in AY2016/17 and onwards)

Financial Mathematics (Offered to students matriculated in AY2013/14 and earlier)

Food Science (Offered to Chemistry students matriculated in AY2017/18 and onwards)

Life Sciences 



 Non-Science students reading a second major in Science

All eight second majors are only offered to students matriculated from AY2007/08 and onwards. All eight second majors are non-Honours majors.

Non-Science students interested in reading a second major offered by Science should write in to the department offering the second major after completing two-thirds of the requirements of the minor in the same discipline. This is applicable for the Second Majors in Chemistry, Life Sciences, Mathematics, Physics and Statistics.

For instance, students intending to pursue a second major in Mathematics should read and pass at least two-thirds (16 MCs) of the requirements of the minor in Mathematics. This is on the basis that modules read to fulfill the requirements of the minor, if selected appropriately, may be used to fulfill the requirements of the second major.

Students should seek prior approval from the host department if they intend to advance from a minor to a second major in the same discipline. They will be required to apply to the host department not beyond the end of the fifth semester of study.

Admission to the second major will be subjected to the host department's approval and the availability of quota.

It is the students' responsibility to strategise and plan to finish the second major by the time they are due to graduate.

Download application form here.


In addition, the following should be noted by both Science and non-Science students intending to read second majors offered by the Faculty of Science:

1) The Second Major in Food Science is offered as a Double Major Programme with the Primary Major in Chemistry as a direct admission course, for students matriculated in AY2017/2018 and onwards. It is not opened to students from earlier cohorts.

2) The Second Major in Data Analytics is offered to students from Cohort 2016/2017 and onwards. To apply, students should write-in to the host department of Statistics and Applied Probability (Email address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) not beyond the end of the fifth semester of study. They should also have completed CS1010 (or its equivalent), MA1101R (or its equivalent) and MA1102R (or its equivalent) with a B+ grade or above in each of these modules.