Welcome to the Faculty of Science, NUS. We bring to you two exciting summer programmes aimed at providing students from our partner overseas universities an exciting, fun, yet academically challenging multi-disciplinary education with a strong Asian focus.

The highlight of the Biodiversity Summer Programme (and Language Immersion) is the 1-week field trip to the luscious tropical island, Pulau Tioman, off East coast of Peninsula Malaysia to study the island’s diverse assemblage of flora and fauna. You will also have the chance to learn a new language (either Chinese of Indonesian). Beyond academics, a cultural assimilation programme will be planned to acquaint you with the Asian and Singaporean culture and way of life. Specially-organized tours to places around Singapore will provide a window to our unique multi-cultural and multi-religious landscapes.

For the Summer Research Programme, there are opportunities for students to conduct a 12-week research with faculty members at NUS. This is an opportunity to do research at one of Asia’s leading research intensive universities and immerse in an international environment on campus and in labs.

The Summer Programmes are open to students from universities with bilateral exchange agreements with the Faculty of Science. Students may apply by contacting the student exchange offices of their respective home universities.


        Biodiversity Summer Programme 

        Summer Research Programme



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