ES1541/SP1541 Exploring Science Communication through Popular Science

Communication has long been taken as a core competency for undergraduate students in all major universities in the world and is a prerequisite skill almost invariably required by employers in today’s knowledge-based economy.

This module was jointly designed by the Centre for English Language Communication and the Faculty of Science with the aim of developing science undergraduates’ communication skills so that they are able to read critically and comprehend science-related publications and to articulate scientific arguments and perspectives coherently both in writing and orally. The module aims to develop these skills through reading, classroom discussion, summary writing, essay writing, and oral presentation activities.

ES1541 is a compulsory module for all Science students (except for Pharmacy and Environmental Studies students, and students in Special Programmes such as SPS, USP and UTown residential Programme, and students residing in RVRC) matriculated in AY2013/14 onwards. (Note: Students from Cohort 2015 and after will read the same module but recoded to SP1541). It is a 48-hour module taught over 12 weeks with 2 two-hour sectional teachings per week.



Learning Outcomes

By the end of the module the students should have:
Developed the habit of reading, especially in science-related topics,
Enhanced their ability to critically question published scientific information,
Enhanced their ability to articulate opinions and perspectives and
Developed coherence in their writing and oral communication.



Module Registration & Schedule

Students need to bid for SP1541/ES1541 via CORS. 



The following groups of students will be precluded from reading SP1541/ES1541:

  • Students who are UTCP students and have read and passed the IEM, UTW modules
  • Students who are USP students and have read UWC modules
  • Students who are RVRC residents and have read and passed ES1601 module
  • Pharmacy students
  • Bachelor of Environmental Studies (BES) students
  • Students who are in SPS and have read and passed the SP2171



If you are required to take the Qualifying English Test (QET), ES1000 &/or ES1102/ES1103, you are required to pass these before reading SP1541/ES1541.
The following groups of students are advised to bid for SP1541/ES1541 in the specified semesters:


Categories of students When to read SP1541/ES1541
Students who do not need to take the QET AY2018/19, Semester 1
Students who took and passed the QET AY2018/19, Semester 1
Students who are required to read ES1102/ES1103 only AY2018/19, Semester 2
Students who are required to read both ES1000 and ES1102/ES1103 AY2019/20, Semester 1







Graduation Requirement & CAP

SP1541/ES1541 is a graduation requirement. It is letter-graded and carries 4 modular credits (MC). Students from Cohort 2013 and 2014 will use this module to fulfil the Breadth module under the University Level Requirement. Students from Cohort 2015 and after will use this module to fulfil their Faculty Requirement. Students are advised to complete this module as early as possible during their candidature. Students who have not completed SP1541/ES1541 will not be allowed to apply for Student Exchange Programmes and Study Abroad Degree Programmes.



S/U Option

Students are allowed to exercise the S/U option on SP1541/ES1541.



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