Local Double Degree Programmes

The Double Degree Programme (DDP) allows students to graduate with two degrees in two different disciplines from two different Faculties/Schools in NUS. DDPs are designed for highly motivated individuals with the passion and ability to pursue parallel interests in two complementary disciplines.


Depending on the combination, DDP students may double count some modules taken towards the requirements of both degrees, thus enabling them to complete the two degrees in a shorter period than it would take to complete both degrees separately. In general, a student in a DDP graduating with double Honours will require about five years of study, fulfilling at least 200 modular credits (MCs) to graduate. A student in a DDP with Honours in one discipline of their home Faculty and a general degree in the other will require about four-and-a-half-years of study, fulfilling at least 180 MCs to graduate.

The Faculty offers two types of double degree programmes: Specially Designed and Student Designed.



Specially Designed DDP

Students interested in the following Specially Designed DDPs offered by the Faculty of Science, in collaboration with other faculties, can apply at the point of admission to NUS or after one semester of study in NUS. Admission is competitive and strongly based on merit:



Student Designed DDP

Student Designed DDPs allow students to put together their own double degree combination, except for certain prohibited combinations mentioned below. Popular combinations among students include Science and Business as well as Science and Arts & Social Sciences.



Prohibited Combination of Student Designed DDPs
  • Pharmacy with any other degree programme



Application Requirements
  • Completion of between 60 MCs to 80 MCs(not including those earned from Advanced Placement Credits or Study Abroad Programmes
  • A minimum CAP of 4.00 at point of application 
  • Thus, a student generally must apply just after the third or fourth semester.

Students are also advised to seek advice in planning their modules as early as possible in their candidature.

Successful DDP students will be conferred two separate degrees, with each degree classified according to the CAP for the respective modules. Both sets of CAP and the two degrees will be noted on the student's transcript.

Science students who intend to pursue a double degree with subjects of their choice are to write in to the Faculty for approval.




For applications / general enquiries on double degree programmes, please write to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..



DDP Guidelines