Academic Calendar

The academic calendar in NUS consists of two semesters and a special term (divided into 2 parts). Each semester normally includes 13 weeks of instruction and 2 weeks of examinations.

The special term takes place during the vacation period of Semester 2 and each of its two parts is usually 6 weeks long, inclusive of an examination period.

Special Term & Early Matriculation

Starting AY2006/2007, NUS allows NSmen who have completed their full-time National Service and who have places reserved for them in NUS to matriculate earlier, if they wish, during the Special Terms.

Period of Special Term
Part I - May to June
Part II - June to July

Students are allowed to register for up to a maximum of 2 modules in either Part I or Part II, or both.

Please refer to Registrar's Office website for more information on the modules available for reading during Special Term, the fees payable, registration procedures, examination dates and other important administrative details.

Important Notes:
Please do ensure that you have fulfilled the necessary pre-requisites for the modules you intend to read before registering for them. You may check the individual module pre-requisites at the NUS Online Bulletin available here.

Please also take note that some modules may preclude certain majors. Thus, please ensure that the module you are interested in reading this Special Term does not preclude the major which you intend to pursue, as you are not allowed to read them. For example, if you intend to register for PC1322, you should not be intending to pursue Physics as your major.