Still not convinced? Find out why your peers have chosen UROPS.

Wibowo Ng

UROPS has given me invaluable insights to the realm of research and development industry in NUS and opportunities to work as a team with the brightest people in the leading R&D specializing in Carbon material in Singapore. My supervisor has also given me the chance to operate state-of-the-art instruments such as X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy, Atomic Force Microscopy and other advanced surface science instruments that are not available to other undergraduates, which will definitely boost my competitive advantage.

Furthermore, this research project allowed me to showcase and further hone my analytical skills and problem-solving skills which will be particularly important in the global economy.

Kelvin Anggara

For me, UROPS is a wonderful experience. It gives you a taste of how sweet is the daily lives of a researcher. In UROPS, I learned many skills, obtained vast knowledge, formed many networks between NUS professors, graduate students and honours students and experienced the professional research. It is the only place where you can think and experiment your thoughts into a topic and it is really an amazing  opportunity to do so. I can see that my research skills have been tremendously sharpened in this programme.

Haw Jing Yan

As an undergraduate, I participated in the Undergraduate Research Opportunities Programme in Science (UROPS), which has well equipped me with relevant research skills and honed analytical skills. Being interested in Quantum Physics, the opportunity of working on a project in the Center of Quantum Technology (CQT) is indeed an invaluable experience for me. The application of what I have learnt in the classroom on the real research environment has greatly enhanced my understanding of the concepts and ideas. Insightful and fruitful discussion with graduate students and post-doc in the research group under my supervisor has also broadened my views on research topics. This programme has served as a good starting point to my road of research. Therefore, I strongly encourage those who are interested in pursuing a higher education or research career to give UROPS a try.

Ko Kwan Ki, Karrie

I was curious about science research all along, even before my university education. When I knew that UROPS would allow me to do research under a professor's supervision, I was certain that I would give it a try. I did a few pharmacology modules and I found the field particularly intriguing. As soon as the opportunity presented itself, I signed up for a project in the department of Pharmacology, under the supervision of Dr Gavin Dawe.

The UROPS research experience was a rocky but enriching journey. Being a novice scientist, I faced errors, mistakes and numerous obstacles along the way. There were failures, late nights and even sleepless nights in the laboratory. My curiosity and passion for the research questions were the only things that kept me going. In research, one answer to the research question almost always give rise to more questions. Therefore, from a 4MC UROPS project, we extended it to a year-long quest for knowledge. It was a tough year, juggling research and modular work. However, looking back, I think it was all worth it. I have emerged being more analytical and critical. Furthermore, the experience taught me what real research was all about. UROPS has prepared me well for my honours year and beyond.

I was also fortunate to have a supportive supervisor and a group of patient mentors to guide me through the ups and downs of the UROPS journey. They taught me to be more open-minded and to see a question from various perspectives. I also learnt from them that failures were as important as getting positive results in the world of research.

I am glad that I participated in UROPS. It was an enormously beneficial experience, both in terms of academic and personal development. I believe that UROPS was the first and most important step in my career as a researcher.

Tan Beng Thye

In the course of my studies in Science, I sought to understand complex theories regarding the world. Some theories are abstract and are not easily grasped such as quantum phenomenon. However, we may make observations that pave the way for the development of such theories through ingeniously designed research experiments. UROPS provides the opportunities to develop greater and deeper scientific insights. It endowed me with the luxury of being immersed in a semester of progressive learning environment of the research world and the chance to apply theories and concepts of what I had learned into physical applications.

Graduated in 2005, I am deeply reminiscent of all the time that I had spent in NUS, in student activities, hostel activities and particularly academic activities. Contrary to popular opinions, academic life in the sciences need not purely be about abstract reasoning and mathematical manipulations of astronomical figures. I had a deeply enjoyable time while studying, especially after being admitted into UROPS. It was delightful applying what I have learned to real research. I began to truly appreciate what I was learning as their relevance became more pronounced as useful knowledge in my research. It had also helped in my preparation for the Honours Year Project, as I was given sufficient exposure to research methodologies and procedures.

All in all, UROPS had empowered me to be more than a student studying physics but a student physicist contributing to scientific research and truly relishing the experience. I had benefited greatly from it and am grateful to NUS for having this programme. I am sure that many fellow students will benefit from this in future years to come.