Undergraduate Professional Internship Programme (UPIP)
For students


Two electives are available under the programme: 

  • XX3310 / XX3311 Professional Internship Programme is conducted during the Special Term (May to July). 4 UE Modular Credits are awared for successfully completing a minimum of 10 weeks in the employing organisation. This module is available to students majoring in Chemistry (CM), Food Science & Technology (FST), Computational Biology (ZB), Life Sciences (LSM), Mathematics/Applied Mathematics (MA) , Quantitative Finance (QF), Physics (PC), and Statistics (ST).

n.b. UPIP Special Term may be read twice during student's candidature. XX3310 will be assigned first.


  • XX3312 Enhanced Professional Internship Programme is conducted in Semester 1 (August to December) or Semester 2 (January to May). Students should spend a minimum 18 weeks in the employing organisation to be awarded the 12 UE Modular Credits. Students majoring in Chemistry (CM3312), Computational Biology (ZB3312), Mathematics/Applied Mathematics (MA3312), Quantitative Finance(QF3312), Life Sciences (LSM3312), Physics (PC3312) and Statistics (ST3312) may participate.

Qualifying students are allowed to participate in XX3310, XX3311 and XX3312 once each during their candidature. These electives are NOT allowed to be taken in year 4, and Enhanced UPIP is NOT allowed to be taken in the graduating semester.


To undertake the UPIP module, please follow the three phases below

Phase 1: Preparation

The Preparation Phase is performed before the start of internship.


"UPIP Send-off" is a short briefing for students who are interning under UPIP. It outlines the reporting requirements for earning credit for internship. Look out for the invitation for the next session.

Meet a Career Advisor to discuss your plans. Students looking for internship/career advise, resume and cover letter help, mock interview sessions, etc, may make an appointment to visit a Career Advisor


Phase 2: Application

Academic Advisor (AA) for UPIP approves your work plan, reads your weekly journals and eventually decides if your performance in the internship is satisfactory or unsatisfactory. Please contact the Academic Mentor which was previously assigned to you before nominating him as your AA in SIMS (Science Internship Management System). If you have forgotten who is your Academic Mentor is, please visit the Science Student Intranet. Students who have changed major or specialisation, may not have a mentor listed. Please notify the undergraduate administrator in the department hosting your major. In SIMS you must nominate your AA and choose your module to view pre-approved internships.

Source for Internship
Pre-approved internships. These are internships that have been approved by the department hosting your module. Students who apply for these approved internships need not have them approved for UPIP again. A list of pre-approved internship can be found in SIMS.
Self-sourced internships.  Internships may be self-sourced either through NUS Talent Connect or directly from employer.

Phase 3: Internship

Students who undertake their internship and read it as UPIP are required to fulfil the following:

Workplan -- Student submits in SIMS. AA approves.
During the first week, student and supervisor puts together a Workplan for the duration of the internship. AA is notified via email. As long as AA has not approved, student may make changes. The work plan has three sections, Project/Objectives, Learning Outcome, Work Description. Each section is 1,000 characters.
Weekly journal -- Student submits in SIMS. AA views.
A weekly report is required by student. Tell as about your work, what you learned, your relationship with your colleagues and your supervisors, etc. This is not a lab report. Do not disclose confidential information. 1,000 characters for each weekly report.
Final report -- Student submits in SIMS.
Feedback forms -- the following feedback forms are required for assessment.
  1. For Internship Supervisor - Form
  2. For Student - Survey in IVLE

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