Undergraduate Professional Internship Programme (UPIP)

The Faculty introduced Undergraduate Professional Internship Programme (UPIP) in AY2011/2012 with the aim to provide non-Applied Science undergraduates the opportunity to perform structured internship in an organization during their undergraduate study. This elective programme allows students to engage actively in career preparation and job seeking exercises, hone their interpersonal, communications and other soft skills, and experience the day-to-day working professional life. Students will be presented the challenges of competing and securing a job position in the organization, applying their discipline-related knowledge and professionalism in a working environment, and thus acquiring experiential learning that complements their course activity.

Through active participation in the programme, a student will get a chance to:

  • learn about the latest developments in career and R&D of various discipline-related industries;
  • translate his/her knowledge learnt within the curriculum to perform technical assignments in a real world environment;
  • interact and network with established industries/companies and their employees;
  • acquire intangible attributes like working in a team, safety consciousness, IT-savvy, etc;
  • hone his/her networking, communication and interpersonal skills; and
  • become a mature and professional graduate.

Students will undertake 3 phases of activities under UPIP, namely,

  1. Career planning & preparation,
  2. Applying for the internship, and
  3. Undertaking the internship.

Phase I involves CFG1001/NCC1001 HeadStart Module (A Career Development Programme) or CFG1000/NCC1000 StepUp Module (A Career Development Programme). For more information about CFG1001/NCC1001 HeadStart Module or CFG1000/NCC1000 StepUp Module, please visit CFG1001/NCC1001/CFG1000/NCC1000 webpageStudents who have completed and passed SP1001 Career Planning & Preparation would also have fulfilled Phase I. (From AY2013/14 Semester 1, FoS will no longer offer SP1001.)

In Phase II, students are to obtain the consent of one faculty member of the department to act as his/her Academic Advisor (AA) for the internship, and to apply for an intern position from the list of approved internships by department. While the Faculty and Department will actively foster partnership with employers to offer internship positions for our students, there will be no guarantee of confirmed placement for any individual student. Students must compete for the internship, thus he/she may put in practice the skills/techniques learnt in Phase I.

There are 2 mutually preclusive internship modules in Phase III -- XX3311 (which is offered only during Special Term) and XX3312 (which is offered only during Semester I or II). A particular department may offer either or both of these modules to their Majors (see Table below) and student is allowed to take only ONE of these modules throughout their entire undergraduate studies.

Generic module code & title Offered in Semester MC Module code available
Undergraduate Professional Internship
Special Term 4
CM3311, ZB3311, LSM3311, MA3311,
QF3311,PC3311, ST3311
ExtendedUndergraduate Professional Internship
Semester 1 & 2 8
CM3312, MA3312, QF3312, PC3312,
ST3312, LSM3312


Both XX3311 and XX3312 modules are graded CS/CU and counted towards Unrestricted Electives. Students who opt to undertake XX3312 are not encouraged to take other modules, and should be prepared, if the situation arises, to graduate one semester later than their cohort.

To ensure some degree of standardisation, the programme will be administered by the UPIP Committee formed by representatives from the respective departments and chaired by a Vice-Dean, with the Dean as Advisor.

Eligibility.  To apply for internship module of either XX3311 or XX3312, the applicant must have;
  1. Completed at least three regular semesters upon application, and have declared a Science subject as first major and completed a minimum of 32 MCs in this major at time of application;
  2. Completed and passed CFG1000 or CFG1001 or NCC1000 or NCC1001 or SP1001;
  3. Obtained the consent of a faculty member at the department to act as his/her Academic Advisor for the internship; and
  4. Secured an internship position from the list of internships approved by department.

Module Registration & Evaluation.  Before registration for either the XX3311 or XX3312 internship module, student should plan one regular semester ahead and register themselves with the Faculty’s UPIP Online portal. Students will be invited to pre-register for UPIP in September or February of the preceding semester.

Internship in Semester 2 Registration with UPIP Online system in Semester 1
Internship in Special Term Registration with UPIP Online system in Semester 2
Internship in Semester 1 Registration with UPIP Online system in Semester 2

Through UPIP Online, students nominate their Academic Advisor (AA) and gain access to a list of approved internships by department. The selection of interns is entirely at the discretion of the institution/company, which may choose to call up referees and/or conduct an interview with short-listed applicants. Students who have successfully secured a position will undertake the internship module in the subsequent semester.

Students can also seek their own internship positions. However, the particular internship will require prior approval of the department UPIP Coordinator and the same registration process through UPIP Online is required. The internship should have relevance to the major, and involve the application of relevant subject knowledge of the discipline.

During the whole duration of internship, students are required to maintain an online journal of their activities on a weekly basis. This journal is submitted through UPIP Online to the Academic Advisor. A staff (preferably someone senior) at the internship company is required to act as internship Supervisor.

As a form of continual assessment, students are required to submit the following reports (see Table below) to the Academic Advisor and internship Supervisor. Performance of the student must be deemed satisfactory by both the Supervisor and the Academic Advisor.

Module Submission by the end of first full week Submission by end of 8th week Submission within 2 weeks after internship
XX3311 Plan of Work (online) -- UPIP Final Report
XX3312 Plan of Work (online) Progress of UPIP (online) UPIP Final Report

In the unforeseen circumstances that the student wishes to drop the internship module, he/she must inform the organization and the Academic Advisor officially, and do so in accordance with the module dropping deadlines in CORS. Students who opt to undertake XX3312 are strongly advised to take note of the consequences of dropping the module too late; as they may not be able to appeal for other modules for that semester to make up to the normal course workload.

For information about offering internships to Science students, please visit the employers' webpage or contact us at sciupip@nus.edu.sgThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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