Science Freshmen Orientation Projects

SOW Finale

Science Freshmen Orientation Projects (FOPs) are camps organised by Science Club, CBLC and the Science academic societies to provide an avenue for freshmen to get to know their ways around NUS, and mingle with fellow freshmen and seniors.

For most freshmen, these camps will be the first of many activities that they will be participating here in NUS Science and so, offer a first insight about academic and student life for a Science student. Most Science FOPs are overnight camps to facilitate better bonding and interaction over the limited few days of the camps.

Please click on the respective links for more information about the respective camps offered by NUS Science.

Science Camp (SCAMP)

Science Orientation Week (SOW)

Bachelor of Environmental Studies (BES)

Computer-based Learning Centre (CBLC) Society


Food Science and Technology (FST)

Life Sciences

Mathematics and Statistics




For a range of student-organised FOPs by other clubs and societies outside of Science, visit

If you are an international student, you are required to attend a compulsory orientation briefing. Please visit for details.