Outstanding Science Alumni Awards 2005
Pearleen (WONG) CHAN
BSc 1968, BSc(Hons) 1969
Divisional Vice-President, Singapore Airlines

Mrs Pearleen CHAN graduated from the University of Singapore in 1969 with honours in mathematics.
Involved in Government projects since 1969, Mrs Pearleen CHAN directed, planned and managed implementation of the computerization effort of every Government Ministry, while serving as a key member of the management team. She has served on several committees and boards, and was named one of the top information technology professionals in Singapore, by ComputerWorld magazine.
In March 1998, Mrs CHAN founded the Singapore Network Services, Ltd (SNS), as an extension to the national computerization effort to build an infrastructure for effective inter-organizational communication and information access for both the public and private sectors. Under her sterling leadership, SNS pioneered the use of EDI technology when it implemented the first nation-wide trading network, TradeNet. The network left a resounding impact on the business and trade sectors in Singapore. Subsequent networks were launched in the healthcare, manufacturing, distribution, retail, construction, real estate, legal, finance, travel and education sectors.
Mrs CHAN's leadership in SNS, particularly for the TradeNet system has brought the company local and international recognition for its success in streamlining business processes. Indeed, TradeNet is today a world-class system that has earned local recognition and international accolades. Two case studies on TradeNet have been published in the Harvard School of Business Studies.
Mrs CHAN left SNS in 1999 and assumed the appointments of General Manager of Finixis and CEO of TX123. She was able to combine the strengths of building communities through TX123 and offering financial banking and other e-commerce services through Finixis as a one-stop centre meeting the total needs of SMEs. To lead in the charge process, Mrs Chan also directs a team of business process re-engineering experts in studies which streamline workflow processes and operational efficiency through the application of total procurement services.
Mrs CHAN has spent more than 20 years in the information technology industry, specialising in information systems strategies and development. She is regarded as an expert in Information Technology in the international community, and is on the Boards and Advisory Committees of many prominent bodies in setting IT policies and strategies. She is currently a Divisional Vice-President of SIA.
"My course in NUS sharpened my thinking ability and set me in good stead for a career in IT".