Featured Alumni


Many of our alumni have gone on to rewarding careers. We feature some of our alumni to share their career highlights which show how our Science Transformative Education has opened unlimited opportunities.



The teaching profession has always attracted a fair share of our annual cohort of Science graduates. With more than 300 primary and secondary schools, 19 junior colleges, 5 polytechnics and numerous private education and tuition centres in Singapore alone, there is no lack of opprotunities for the Science graduate with a passion to teach or nurture generations of the country's young. Regardless of the motivation to teach - passion, aspiration, former teachers as models, family tradition or simply good pay and career prospects - there is no doubt the image of the noble profession has improved much over the years, as evidenced by the following testimonies.



Hon Chiew Weng

B.Sc., Physics, 1981
Master of Education, 1991
Principal, Hwa Chong Institution


Dr Hon Chiew Weng is the Principal of Hwa Chong Institution, a premier school in Singapore. He started his teaching career as a Physics teacher in 1982 and became the Principal of The Chinese High School in 2003. As a principal, he had broad responsibilities for technology and innovation, global initiatives, and the professional and leadership development of teachers. He launched school-wide research initiatives in curriculum design, classroom strategies, and implemented the ground-breaking Integrated Programme in 2004. He also established the Hwa Chong-Beijing Satellite Campus – a first for a Singapore School, and spearheaded the FutureSchools@Singapore initiative in 2008.

Throughout his career, he has been deeply committed to the role of schools in promoting creativity, inter-school collaborations and student leadership. He is also a vigorous advocate of education research, independent learning, community service and entrepreneurship. Under his leadership, Hwa Chong Institution won the Singapore Quality Award (SQA) in 2010. SQA is the pinnacle award for business excellence which is accorded to only organizations that have achieved world-class excellence.

Dr Hon earned a Bachelor of Science degree from the National University of Singapore (NUS) in 1981, Master of Education from the NUS in 1991 and a Doctor of Education in 2008 from the University of Western Australia. His doctoral research focused on the leadership qualities of secondary schools students in Singapore. He is the author or co-author of numerous research papers and conference articles. For his outstanding contributions to public service, Dr Hon has been awarded three National Day medals by the President of the Republic of Singapore from 1999 to 2007.

In recognition of his accomplishments and contributions, Dr Hon received the Faculty of Science’s Outstanding Science Alumnus Award in 2014.


However brilliant our students may be, the final measure of their real worth will be the contributions they can make to society.




Hang Kim Hoo 

B.Sc., Mathematics, 1983
M.Sc., Statistics, 1999
Ph.D., Pure Mathematics, 2007
Principal, Jurong Junior College


Prior to his present appointment, Dr Hang Kim Hoo spent 8 fulfilling years as Principal of NUS High School of Mathematics and Science, leading and nurturing many of Singapore's brightest young in Mathematics and the Sciences. He has served in the education service for more than 30 years starting off with the pioneering group of teachers who taught the Gifted Programme for students when the initiative was first launched in 1985. His professional career includes spending 9 years teaching Mathematics & Physics in New Town Secondary; in particular, seeing his Normal (Academic) class through their O-level Additional Mathematics examinations, a role that he still counts as among his greatest achievements. He then took up appointments as Specialist Inspector (Mathematics) and Senior Curriculum Specialist (Mathematics) at the Ministry of Education. Other key appointments in a successful and versatile career included stints as Principal of Clementi Town Secondary School, Senior Quality Assessor at the Ministry of Education, and overseeing the development of the School Cockpit System, a nation-wide integrated data and information management system for all schools in Singapore.

As an active life member of the Singapore Mathematical Society and its Vice-President since 1994, Dr Hang has been promoting the learning of Mathematics and the development of mathematical talents in Singapore. Among his various contributions to the community, he has been actively serving with the Chinese Development Assistance Council (CDAC) Student Development and Education Committee since 2002.

In recognition of his accomplishments and contributions, Dr Hang was conferred with the National Day Commendation Medal in 1999 and the Public Administration Medal (Silver) in 2012. He also received the Faculty of Science’s Outstanding Science Alumnus Award in 2014.


In the world of learning, doing and using Mathematics and Science, there is always a place for everyone.