Research News from Faculty of Science, FoS


thorsten small  
Molecular dynamics A new way to image molecular dynamics

29 Dec 2015 Scientists in NUS have developed new methods to image dynamics in live samples.

Thorsten WOHLAND (Group Leader, Chemistry)

LinQS Jan  
Proteomics Promiscuous Targeting of Antimalarial Artemisinin

23 Dec 2015 NUS scientists identified artemisinin and unveiled its haem-dependent drug activation and potent parasite killing mechanism.

LIN Qingsong (Group Leader, Biological Sciences)

richard Dec small  
Computational chemistry Halogen Bond Catalysis

15 Dec 2015 NUS computational chemists designed halogen bonding based organocatalysts for important organic reactions.

Richard WONG (Group Leader, Chemistry)

PanSQ NOV small  
Molecular cells Bio-syringe technology for protein delivery

11 Dec 2015 NUS scientists discovered 100% efficiency of protein delivery into cells with a new bio-imaging method.

PAN Shen Quan (Group Leader, Biological Sciences)

GoML Dec  
Drug discovery Anticancer agents : “No SIR!”

07 Dec 2015 NUS scientists have discovered a new chemotype with sirtuin inhibitory activity.

GO Mei Lin (Group Leader, Pharmacy)

rudolf nov  
Biodiversity Ecology using environmental forensics

02 Dec 2015 NUS researchers have developed forensic techniques for using DNA from fecal samples to collect ecological data.

Rudolf MEIER (Group Leader, Biological Sciences)

JJVittal Nov small  
Inorganic materials Higher photon energy emission

30 Nov 2015 NUS scientists with their collaborators discovered Near Infrared (NIR) Upconverting Metal Organic Framework (MOFs) materials.

JJ VITTAL (Group Leader, Chemistry)

TanSerPeow Nov  
Pure mathematics Identities for punctured torus groups

26 Nov 2015 Mathematicians in NUS have discovered new variations to the McShane identity for SL(2,C) characters of the punctured torus group.

TAN Ser Peow (Group Leader, Mathematics)

AngWH Nov  
Inorganic chemistry Overcoming drug resistance in cancer

21 Nov 2015 NUS researchers developed new platinum-based anticancer prodrugs designed to overcome multidrug resistance in targeted cancer cells.

ANG Wee Han (Group Leader, Chemistry)

ZhangDQ Nov   
Pure mathematics Space Symmetries Dictate the Geometry

19 Nov 2015 NUS mathematicians discover the relation between space symmetries and the underlying geometric shape of the space.

ZHANG De-Qi (Group Leader, Mathematics)

 step nov small  
Zeolites TiO2 nanosheets on MOF cubes

16 Nov 2015 NUS professors demonstrated that a heterojunction material consisting of MIL-125 (Ti)-NH2 cubes and TiO2 nanosheets shows high photocatalytic activity.

Stephan JAENICKE (Group Leader, Chemistry)

 Antónia nov  
Biodiversity How a butterfly changes its spots

14 Nov 2015 NUS-led team is exploring mechanisms that lead to changes in butterfly wing coloration in response to developmental temperature.

Antónia MONTEIRO (Group Leader, Biological Sciences)

WongSM Nov  
Developmental biology  Is more 'A' better

12 Nov 2015 Scientists in NUS discovered that Hibiscus latent Singapore virus with a longer internal poly(A) tract replicates faster.

WONG Sek Man (Group Leader, Biological Sciences)

LokeHY Nov small  
Pure mathematics Exceptional Lie algebras

09 Nov 2015 NUS mathematicians describe one powerful method called the local theta correspondence or Howe correspondence.

LOKE Hung Yean (Group Leader, Mathematics)

christian nov  
Quantum optics Experiment records extreme quantum weirdness

09 Nov 2015 Scientists in NUS reported precision measurement of entangled photon pairs yields correlation measure approaching the Tsirelson bound.

Christian KURTSIEFER (Group Leader, Physics)

Hugh tan oct  
Biodiversity Tougher seeds of invasive plant species

05 Nov 2015 NUS scientists discovered that the tropical American tree in Singapore has greater chance of germination and survival than the local ecological counterpart.

Hugh TAN (Group Leader, Biological Sciences)

zhouc nov  
Financial mathematics Obstacle problem for semilinear PIDEs

02 Nov 2015 NUS mathematicians discovered a probabilistic interpretation for the weak Sobolev solution of the obstacle problem.

ZHOU Chao (Group Leader, Mathematics)

FanWY oct  
Physical chemistry Removing radioactive iodide

30 Oct 2015 NUS scientists discovered an interesting application for Reuleaux disks.

FAN Wai Yip (Group Leader, Chemistry)

ku cy oct  
Pure mathematics A generalization of very odd sequences

29 Oct 2015 NUS mathematicians described the classical theorems for very odd sequences and give a characterization of these new sequences.

KU Cheng Yeaw (Group Leader, Mathematics)

Jafaar small  
Climate Challenges in regulating transboundary haze

27 Oct 2015 NUS scientists discussed on the problems with, and potential for, laws addressing transboundary pollution.

Zeehan JAAFAR  (Group Leader, Biological Sciences)

bao wz oct small  
Applied Math Nonlocal Interactions in Quantum Systems

23 Oct 2015 NUS mathematicians have developed a computational method for fast and accurate evaluation of nonlocal interactions in quantum systems.

BAO Weizhu (Group Leader, Mathematics)

Biodiversity Why do we lose protected areas?

20 Oct 2015 NUS scientists analyzed factors influencing protected area that are downgrading, downsizing and degazettement in the tropics and sub-tropics.

Roman CARRASCO (Group Leader, Biological Sciences)

toh kc oct
Optimisation Symmetric Gauss-Seidel decomposition theorem

15 Oct 2015 NUS mathematicians discovered Gauss-Seidel decomposition theorem for solving multi-block convex composite quadratic programming.

TOH Kim Chuan (Group Leader, Mathematics)

tan mk oct 
Biodiveristy New cricket from UNESCO reserve

12 Oct 2015 Scientists in NUS have discovered a new species of cricket from UNESCO Sakaerat Biosphere Reserve in Thailand.

TAN Ming Kai (Group Leader, Biological Sciences)

Pure mathematics Rigidity of functors on spaces

08 Oct 2015 NUS mathematicians have recently discovered the homotopy rigidity of the functor ΣΩ on finite p-local co-H-spaces.

WU Jie (Group Leader, Mathematics)

chen Wei oct  
Surface chemistry  Imaging of activated nitrogen adsorption

05 Oct 2015 NUS scientists report the adsorption of a single nitrogen atom on individual manganese phthalocyanine, through in situ LT-STM characterization.

CHEN Wei (Group Leader, Chemistry)

dai min   
Financial mathematics Market closure and liquidity premia
30 Sep 2015 NUS mathematicians find that market closure and the volatility difference across trading and nontrading periods change strategies of investors.
DAI Min (Group Leader, Mathematics)

 liu sq oct  
Food science  Making wine from lychee

26 Sep 2015  NUS food scientists reported that tropical fruit wine production necessitates new protocols and novel yeasts may be a better option.

LIU Shao Quan (Group Leader, Chemistry)

gan wk oct  
Pure mathematics Taming the Howe duality conjecture
23 Sep 2015 NUS mathematician helped resolve the 40-year old Howe duality conjecture.
GAN Wee Teck (Group Leader, Mathematics)

eda goki pic  
Award FoS won SNAS Young Scientist Award
18 Sep 2015 NUS scientist won the Singapore National Academy of Science Young Scientist Award on the fundamental properties of two-dimensional materials.
EDA Goki (Group Leader, Chemistry)

loc bc  
Developmental cell Defect in BNIP-H causes ataxia disease
18 Sep 2015 NUS scientists identified a function of BNIP-H as a linker to transport metabolic enzyme on the motor protein towards the end of neurons.
LOW Boon Chuan (Group Leader, Biological Sciences)

webb 2  
Biodiversity "Invisible" wildlife trade
16 Sep 2015 NUS researchers uncovered a previously overlooked part of Southeast Asia's illegal wildlife trade: the illegal sale of wild-collected ornamental plants.
Edward WEBB (Group Leader, Biological Sciences)

leung small  
Pure mathematics Determining a space by order only
14 Sep 2015 NUS mathematicians clarified the role of order in determining the linear and/or topological structures of function spaces.
Denny LEUNG (Group Leader, Mathematics)

lim tm  
Molecular cells Prevent centrosome reduplication
12 Sep 2015 Scientists in NUS found another novel function of the nucleoprotein called nucleophosin in the physiology of acute myeloid leukemia.
LIM Tit Meng (Group Leader, Biological Sciences)

Biodiversity  Light and calcification in giant clam
07 Sep 2015 NUS scientists discovered that light induces increases in activities of certain enzymes related to light-enhanced calcification in the giant clam.
IP Yuen Kwong (Group Leader, Biological Sciences)

chu delin small  

Pure mathematics  Eigenvalues and Singular values

06 Sep 2015 NUS mathematicians reported that strong relative perturbation bounds developed for eigenvalues and singular values of nonpositive matrices.
CHU Delin (Group Leader, Mathematics)

yuk turnip small  
Food science Safe handling practice for shredded turnip
03 Sep 2015 NUS food scientists have identified safe handling practice and storage conditions for shredded turnips in collaboration with the AVA.
YUK Hyun Gyun (Group Leader, Chemistry)

Financial mathematics Framework for pricing Asian options
02 Sep 2015 NUS mathematicians found a general framework for pricing Asian options.
Steven KOU (Group Leader, Mathematics)

Ariando small  
Oxides Bigger capacity for big data
31 Aug 2015 NUS scientists have discovered an unusual magnetic effect in nanolayers of an oxide of lanthanum and manganese.
Ariando (Group Leader, Physics)

Data science Ways to estimate Asian kidney donors
27 Aug 2015 NUS statisticians reported that Glomerular filtration rates estimation using self-directed 24-hour urine creatinine clearance is less accurate.
LI Jialiang (Group Leader, Statistics and Applied Probability)

yang hss small  
Food science  Ways to keep cut fruit fresh longer
24 Aug 2015 NUS food scientists have developed edible coating to extend the shelf-life of fresh-cut honeydew melon.
YANG Hongshun (Group Leader, Chemistry)

zhou wb bread small  
Food science Designing bread for GI control
20 Aug 2015 NUS food scientists have reported that bread structure affected human chewing behavior which may explain lower glycemic index (GI) of steamed bread.
ZHOU Weibiao (Group Leader, Chemistry)

kang lfsmall  
Pharmaceutics The secrets behind microneedles
17 Aug 2015 Researchers in NUS have shown that forces applied on the microneedles can affect drug permeation through human skin.
KANG Lifeng (Group Leader, Pharmacy)

Drug delivery A tale of two lipids for drug release 
14 Aug 2015 NUS scientists investigated the solid state characteristics of ibuprofen-loaded spray-congealed solid lipid microparticles (SLMs).
CHAN Lai Wah (Group Leader, Pharmacy)

paul small  
Pharmacology Metabolic profiles of Alzheimer’s disease    
12 Aug 2015 NUS professors studied the metabolic profiles of an amyloid beta-protein precursor (AβPP)-transfected CHO cells.
Paul HO (Group Leader, Pharmacy)

Ren WQ  
Data science Vapor condensation and microstructures        
10 Aug 2015 Mathematicians in NUS have developed computational methods to explore how microstructures affect the condensation of vapor onto a surface.
REN Weiqing (Group Leader, Mathematics)

ip fish  
Biodiversity Suspended animation in African lungfish
03 Aug 2015 NUS scientists discovered aestivation in the African lungfish in arid conditions at high temperature.
IP Yuen Kwong (Group Leader, Biological Sciences)

Organic chemistry  New route to chiral triarylmethanes
31 Jul 2015 NUS scientists have reported a new synthetic procedure for chiral triarylmethanes.
Tamio HAYASHI (Group Leader, Chemistry)

YaoSQ small  
Chemical biology Single system with combination inhibition
27 Jul 2015 Scientists in NUS have developed a single vehicular system, based on mesoporous silica nanoparticles to achieve the combination inhibition.
YAO Shao Qin (Group Leader, Chemistry)

Food science Antimicrobial effect of blue LEDs in foods
14 Jul 2015 NUS food scientists discovered that the antibacterial effect of blue LEDs could be enhanced by acidic or alkaline pHs that are found in different foods.
YUK Hyun-Gyun (Group Leader, Chemistry)

Biodiversity Fish ecosystems hide their losses
08 Jul 2015 New mathematics shows that as the fish diversity of complex marine food webs declines, fish production resists the change, masking ultimate rapid loss.
Tak FUNG (Group Leader, Biological Sciences)

todd small  
Ecology Coral survival in sediment rich coastal waters
05 Jul 2015 NUS scientists have recreated pulsed turbidity events to determine coral–sediment thresholds for active management.
Peter TODD (Group Leader, Biological Sciences)

lu ws  
Materials science Lasers help heal atomic defects
02 Jul 2015 NUS physicists have healed the atomic defects in tungsten diselenide (WSe2) using a focused laser beam technique.
SOW Chorng Haur (Group Leader, Physics)

darren small  
Biodiversity Conserving a natural heritage icon
27 Jun 2015 NUS researchers highlighted conservation challenges facing the Singapore freshwater crab, and the measures being taken.
Darren YEO Chong Jinn (Group Leader, Biological Sciences)

Biodiversity Biodiversity of the South China Sea
23 Jun 2015 Regional marine biologists collaborate to uncover extraordinary coral species diversity in the South China Sea Large Marine Ecosystem.
HUANG Danwei (Group Leader, Biological Sciences)

alex 2 small  
Disease control Early-stage breast cancer patients
20 Jun 2015 NUS scientists evaluated the association between polymorphism and chemotherapy-associated cognitive impairment within Asian breast cancer cohort.
Alexandre CHAN (Group Leader, Pharmacy)

wang small  
Condensed matter Negative temperature on the Kelvin scale
16 Jun 2015 Scientist in NUS join the debate on the existence or nonexistence of negative temperatures.
WANG Jian-Sheng (Group Leader, Physics)

Food science Stinky beans as a hydrogen sulfide donor
09 Jun 2015 Food scientists discovered that stinky beans are a potent hydrogen sulfide donor that may be of benefit to heart health.
HUANG Dejian (Group Leader, Chemistry)

joyce small  
Health service research Sugar levels during Ramadan fasting
03 Jun 2015 NUS professor and her research team have shown that Ramadan fasting appeared to improve blood glucose control.
Joyce LEE (Group Leader, Pharmacy)

yao zq  
Data science New approach for analysing complex data
29 May 2015 NUS statistician has developed a new approach for analysing shape dynamics.
YAO Zhigang (Group Leader, Statistics and Applied Probability)

news 1  
News Opening of First Regional SCIEX Centre at the PPC
27 May 2015 The opening of the SCIEX Centre at the Protein and Proteomics Centre in NUS marks a new phase of partnership between a global leader in mass spectrometry instrumentation and NUS.

ku web  
Pure mathematics Families of permutations & set partitions
22 May 2015 NUS mathematicians have recently extended some classical theorems for finite sets in Extremal Combinatorics to other combinatorial structures.
KU Cheng Yeaw (Group Leader, Mathematics)

theo termi small  
Entomology Finding when & where termites originated
19 May 2015 NUS professors have discovered termites evolved from cockroaches 170 million years ago, probably in Africa or Asia.
Theodore EVANS (Group Leader, Biological Sciences)

ganff small  
Data science Monitoring the performance of Surgeons
15 May 2015 NUS statisticians developed a highly improved risk-adjusted procedure for monitoring the performance of Surgeons.
GAN Fah Fatt (Group Leader, Statistics and Applied Probability)

Food science Detection of Salmonella in raw duck meat
11 May 2015 NUS food scientists developed a real-time PCR based rapid protocol for Salmonella detection on raw duck meat as compared to 5 days method.
YUK Hyun-Gyun (Group Leader, Chemistry)

Materials physics Au Nanoparticles on Atomic-Thin Films
05 May 2015 NUS physicists have discovered that micro-landscaping of gold nanoparticles on a thin molybdenum disulphide (MoS2) film can be achieved.
SOW Chorng Haur (Group Leader, Physics)

Optics Exacting measurements on atoms 
01 May 2015 Scientists in NUS measured transition probabilities in agreement with but up to 6 times more precise than the previous best experimental results.
Manas MUKHERJEE (Group Leader, Physics)

 Java small  
Drug discovery Vaccine for Hepatitis E virus (HEV)
28 Apr 2015 NUS scientists in collaboration with Xiamen University studied the neutralization mechanism of Hepatitis E virus infection and developed a vaccine
Jayaraman SIVARAMAN (Group Leader, Biological Sciences)

Award FoS won Young Researcher Award
24 Apr 2015 NUS scientist won the Young Researcher Award in the area at the nanoscale showing a unique set of distinct behaviours.
Goki EDA (Group Leader, Physics)

Award FoS won Outstanding Researcher Award
24 Apr 2015 NUS scientist won the Outstanding Researcher Award in the area of Langlands program.
GAN Wee Teck (Group Leader, Mathematics)

 SHAR small  
Materials physics Theoretical framework for graphene
20 Apr 2015 Theory shows that stacking graphene on the well-known insulator hexagonal boron nitride results in a technologically useful semiconductor.
Shaffique ADAM (Group Leader, Physics)

 song small  
Drug delivery Protein dynamics determine for ALS
13 Apr 2015 NUS scientists deciphered that protein dynamics are a central determinant if a small molecule might act as a drug or poison to ALS patients.
Song Jianxing (Group Leader, Biological Sciences)

 ST 110 Exhibition  
Event Science & Technology Exhibition 110
09 Apr 2015 NUS launched a science and technology exhibition, entitled “Building Our Nation through Science and Technology” on 9 April in celebration of its 110th anniversary.

 liuxg small  
Inorganic materials Full-color by upconversion nanocrystals
08 Apr 2015 NUS scientists developed novel upconversion nanocrystals capable of emitting desired colour(s) on demand by a new concept of upconversion process.
LIU Xiaogang ( Group Leader, Chemistry)

changeNEr small  
Cell biology The live neuron fluorescent probe, NeuO
05 Apr 2015 Scientists in NUS have developed a fluorescent probe which has an ability to label and image live neurons selectively over other brain cells.
CHANG Young-Tae ( Group Leader, Chemistry)

Tan photo  
News Plenary talk at String-Math 2015 conference
01 Apr 2015 NUS scientist is the FIRST Southeast Asian to be invited as a plenary speaker at prestigious String-Math 2015 conference.
TAN Meng-Chwan ( Group Leader, Physics)

Environmental chemistry Wastewater treatment System
25 Mar 2015 NUS professors investigated the selective removal of photocatalytic non-degradable fluorosurfactants from reverse osmosis concentrate (ROC).
LI Fong Yau ( Group Leader, Chemistry)

chen wei small  
Materials science Performance of electronic devices
21 Mar 2015 NUS scientists report for the first time an effective modulation on ambipolar phospherene FETs, through in situ surface functionalization.
CHEN Wei ( Group Leader, Physics)

map ca small  
Biodiversity Protected areas under logging threat
17 Mar 2015 NUS scientists evaluate the effectiveness of protected areas and drivers of deforestation in Indonesia.
L. Roman CARRASCO ( Group Leader, Biological Sciences)

Biodiversity Butterflies develop different sized eyespots
15 Mar 2015 Praying mantises attack the eyespot patterns on wings of butterflies instead of their bodies, contributing to the evolution of eyespot size plasticity.
Antónia MONTEIRO (Group Leader, Biological Sciences)

Swami small  
Cell signalling Design treatment strategies for cancer
11 Mar 2015 NUS professors realized that fundamental mode of gene silencing plays an important role in designing and developing treatment strategies for cancer.
Kunchithapadam SWAMINATHAN ( Group Leader, Biological Sciences)

dr frnk  
Biodiversity Bird extinct 74 years ago is rediscovered
09 Mar 2015 The Irrawaddy Jerdon’s Babbler Chrysomma altirostre altirostre was redisovered near Yangon by a joint team co-led by a NUS researcher.
Frank RHEINDT ( Group Leader, Biological Sciences)

roman cc  
Modelling Conservation news shared on social media
06 Mar 2015 NUS scientists study the mechanisms that influence conservation news shared in Facebook and Twitter.
L. Roman CARRASCO ( Group Leader, Biological Sciences)

yuk SMALL  
Food science Spoilage biomarkers of fresh chicken breast
03 Mar 2015 NUS food scientists identified volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which can be used as spoilage biomarkers of raw chicken breast.
YUK Hyun-Gyun (Group Leader, Chemistry)

song 2small  
Drug delivery The role of FAT-10 in tumor progression
24 Feb 2015 NUS scientists deciphered the molecular mechanism of FAT10-MAD2 interaction and demonstrated that its disruption inhibits tumor progression.
Song Jianxing (Group Leader, Biological Sciences)

fs small  
Food science  Flavour compounds using ultrasound
21 Feb 2015 NUS food scientists discovered a methodology using high intensity ultrasound processing to generate Maillard reaction flavour at low temperatures.
ZHOU Weibiao (Group Leader, Chemistry)

A wee small  
Materials science Tunable electronic bandgap
18 Feb 2015 NUS professors discovered semiconducting electronic bandgap tunability at grain boundaries in single atomic layer inorganic compound.
Andrew WEE (Group Leader, Physics)

songjx small  
Drug delivery  An ALS-causing protein with two faces
12 Feb 2015 Scientists discovered that a proteininvolved in neurodegeneration reveals two faced amino-ends.
SONG Jianxing (Group Leader, Biological Sciences)

yoong small  
Drug delivery  Engineered nanotubes for chemotherapeutics
07 Feb 2015 Scientists fabricated nanotubes for targeted delivery of chemotherapeutics resulting in remarkable anti-cancer activity.
YOONG Sia Lee (Group Leader, Pharmacy)

Modelling Tropical forests to mitigate climate change
03 Feb 2015 NUS scientists rank tropical countries according to the net carbon containment and sequestration services provided by their tropical forests.
L. Roman CARRASCO (Group Leader, Biological Sciences)

HoHK small  
Pharmacodynamics Relationship for structure, toxicity & activity
30 Jan 2015 Scientists in NUS discovered that subtle changes in the structure of drugs can affect compounds’ intended pharmacology and unintended toxicity.
HO Han Kiat (Group Leader, Pharmacy)

Drug safety Prevalence of drug resistant epilepsy
27 Jan 2015 NUS and Duke-NUS professors studied the prevalence of drug resistant epilepsy in adults with epilepsy attending a neurology clinic in Singapore.
Paul HO (Group Leader, Pharmacy)

cliew small  
Formulation & Processing Designing medicated tablets
22 Jan 2015 NUS researchers successfully explored how sparing and effective use of disintegrant combinations can help to enhance fast disintegration of tablets.
Celine LIEW (Group Leader, Pharmacy)

Innate immunity Human white blood cells’ self-defense
15 Jan 2015 NUS scientists discovered how the human white blood cells react for self-preservation which lyses red blood cells during a haemolytic infection.
DING Jeak Ling (Group Leader, Biological Sciences)

GaoZQ small  
Biosensors Dengue virus testing in one step using a single tube
06 Jan 2015 NUS professors have developed a simple and highly sensitive assay for the detection of all four types of Dengue virus in a single test tube.
GAO Zhiqiang (Group Leader, Chemistry)

Pure mathematics Invariants of theta correspondences
02 Jan 2015 NUS mathematicians describe one powerful method called the local theta correspondence or Howe correspondence.
LOKE Hung Yean (Group Leader, Mathematics)