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Materials science Electrical stability of plastic electronics
18 Dec 2014 NUS scientists in collaboration with Solvay OLED/ Plextronics scientists have identified the mechanism.
PNG Rui-Qi (Group Leader, Physics)

Organic chemistry Asymmetric reaction for drug synthesis
15 Dec 2014 NUS scientist was selected as one of the finalists in Singapore for the MIT TR for innovators under age 35.
YEUNG Ying Yeung (Group Leader, Chemistry)

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Nanostructures Unravelling graphene oxide’s role
12 Dec 2014 NUS physicists have found a new way to overcome a problem faced by conversion materials, which causes damage to the structure.
SOW Chorng Haur (Group Leader, Physics)

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Inorganic chemistry New parameter for ligands’ donor strengths
10 Dec 2014 NUS professor has developed a new and unified electronic parameter for ligands’ donor strengths.
HUYNH Han Vinh (Group Leader, Chemistry)

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Evolutionary ecology Study of endangered mammals
05 Dec 2014 NUS professors described how to use trace DNA in fecal samples to infer diet using whole genome shotgun sequencing.
Rudolf MEIER (Group Leader, Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum)

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Award Impact of cancer fatigue in local breast cancer patients
02 Dec 2014 NUS pharmacist students were awarded for the best fatigue abstract trainee award in Miami, USA.
Alexandre CHAN (Group Leader, Pharmacy)

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Biodiversity A new species of cricket discovered
27 Nov 2014 A cricket species was recently described from Admiralty Park in Singapore and named Cardiodactylus admirabilis.
TAN Ming Kai (Group Leader, Biological Sciences)

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Food science Blue LED can kill germs
23 Nov 2014 NUS food scientists discovered a novel technology using blue LED to kill major deadly bacteria commonly associated with foodborne disease.
YUK Hyun-Gyun (Group Leader, Chemistry)

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Nanostructures Effective defects in magnonic crystals
19 Nov 2014 Magnonic materials could make possible realization of energy-efficient CPUs that generate no heat, by avoiding the Joule-heating problem.
KUOK Meng Hau (Group Leader, Physics)

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Environmental chemistry Electricity to extract charged analytes
15 Nov 2014 Relatively low electrical potential powered by a common battery can be used to increase the efficiency of charged analyte extraction.
LEE Hian Kee (Group Leader, Chemistry)

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Molecular cells Immune response
11 Nov 2014 NUS professors have identified SAG to have a key role in inflammatory responses, facilitating macrophage survival during early infection.
DING Jeak Ling (Group Leader, Biological Sciences )

Award FoS won President’s Science Award
05 Nov 2014 NUS scientist won the President’s Science Award for ground-breaking work in graphene chemistry.
LOH Kian Ping (Group Leader, Chemistry)

Drug safety Tainted health supplement
05 Nov 2014 Scientists in NUS and Health Sciences Authority of Singapore (HSA) discovered another analogue of sildenafil and the results are published recently.
KOH Hwee Ling (Group Leader,  Pharmacy)

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Award  NUS Pharmacy students sweep top awards
01 Nov 2014  NUS post-graduate students win 1st and 2nd places at the Pre-doctoral Poster Awards Competition in San Francisco.
Eric CHAN (Group Leader,  Pharmacy)

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Data science Statistical models for classifying acute leukemia
28 Oct 2014  NUS researchers developed a new Bayesian statistical model that can be used for classifying acute leukemia.
Ajay JASRA (Group Leader, Statistics and Applied Probability)

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Biodiversity A new species of glassperch fish discovered
24 Oct 2014  NUS scientists discovered a new species of glassperch fish in West Kalimantan, Indonesia.
TAN Heok Hui (Group Leader, Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum)

Biodiversity Restoring reefs with doomed corals
20 Oct 2014 Juvenile corals growing naturally on unstable substrates are useful for stocking coral nurseries to assist reef rehabilitation and restoration.
CHOU Loke Ming (Group Leader, Biological Sciences)

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Sensors Milk quality control using fluorescence
17 Oct 2014 The first fluorescent sensor for milk fat has been developed to provide fast and quantitative milk fat determination.
CHANG Young-Tae (Group Leader, Chemistry)

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Environment Study the haze impact on marine ecosystems
14 Oct 2014 NUS scientist calls attention to haze impacts on threatened marine ecosystems and proposes response plan to study and manage these impacts.
Zeehan JAAFAR (Group Leader, Biological Sciences)

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Health management Medical cost for diabetes
08 Oct 2014 NUS professors have completed a study that aimed to identify the total direct medical cost of type 2 diabetes.
LEE Yu Chia (Group Leader, Pharmacy)

Cell biology  Detection of leukemia with carbon nanotubes
05 Oct 2014 NUS scientists have demonstrated an ultrasensitive electrochemical nucleic acid assay amplified by carbon nanotubes-based labels.
LIM Tit Meng (Group Leader, Biological Sciences)

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Pure mathematics Identities for closed hyperbolic surfaces
01 Oct 2014 NUS mathematicians have derived new identities on the moduli space of closed hyperbolic surfaces.
TAN Ser Peow (Group Leader, Mathematics)

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Biodiversity Near-complete extinction of fauna
29 Sep 2014 NUS researchers recorded dramatic loss of biodiversity.
David BICKFORD (Group Leader, Biological Sciences)

Materials science Thermal stability of magnetic thin films
26 Sep 2014 NUS scientists found a new way to obtain good thermal stability of dynamic magnetic properties for magnetic thin films.
ONG Chong Kim (Group Leader, Physics)

Materials science 3D nanofabrication with protons
23 Sep 2014 NUS physicists shared an overview of the growing number of resist materials for proton lithography down to 19 nm.
Jeroen Anton VAN KAN (Group Leader, Physics)

Quantum information Quantum logic operations
19 Sep 2014 NUS professors have proposed a scheme to implement quantum computation with surface-state electrons by rapid population passages.
OH Choo Hiap (Group Leader, Physics)

Drug disposition Exosomes promote liver regeneration
16 Sep 2014 Scientists in NUS discovered the mesenchymal stem cell-derived exosomes promote liver regeneration in drug-induced liver injury models.
HO Han Kiat (Group Leader, Pharmacy)

Statistical methodology Learning from data with ABC
10 Sep 2014 NUS statisticians extended the method of Approximate Bayesian Computation (ABC) to much higher dimensional problems than before.
David NOTT (Group Leader, Statistics)

Materials science More than skin-deep
6 Sep 2014 NUS researchers discovered that stronger surface bonds have non-trivial effects on the natural frequencies in 2D systems.
QUEK Su Ying (Group Leader, Physics)

Materials physics Graphene spintronics
3 Sep 2014 NUS physicists discovered that the spin Hall effect (SHE) in CVD graphene makes it an ideal material for future spintronics usage.
Barbaros ÖZYILMAZ (Group Leader, Graphene Research Centre)

Optimization Algorithms for convex feasibility problems
27 Aug 2014 NUS researchers discovered a new algorithm for feasibility problems which accelerates present calculations.
Jeffrey PANG (Group Leader, Mathematics)

Biodiversity  Cultivated versus natural greenery
23 Aug 2014 Having more urban trees appears to buffer the impacts of roads, but it can only support a limited suite of birds compared to natural forests.
Hugh TAN (Group Leader, Biological Sciences)

Digital healthcare Virtual patient records
18 Aug 2014 Pharmacy students in NUS learn how to extract clinically relevant health information through a virtual patient records app.
Kevin YAP (Group Leader, Pharmacy )

Materials physics A new mechanism for magnetoresistance
13 Aug 2014 Professors in NUS have discovered a new mechanism for magnetoresistance in disordered two-dimensional (2D) materials.
Shaffique ADAM (Group Leader, Physic s)

Data science  High-dimensional statistical problems
10 Aug 2014 NUS professors have demonstrated the feasibility of computational algorithms in high-dimensions.
Ajay JASRA (Group Leader, Statistics and Applied Probability)

Biophysics Sensing mechanical forces by cells
05 Aug 2014 NUS scientists have discovered how mechanical forces influence cell behavior.
YAN Jie (Group Leader,  Physics )

Materials physics Phospherene: A 2D semiconductor
03 Aug 2014 NUS physicists are studying a two-dimensional (2D) form of phosphorus.
Antonio H. CASTRO NETO (Group Leader,  Physics )

Analytical chemistry Detecting cancer in a drop of blood
01 Aug 2014 Scientists in NUS have developed ultrasensitive assays for the detection of circulating microRNAs in blood.
GAO Zhiqiang (Group Leader,  Chemistry )

Materials physics Thermal conductivity of single layer graphene
31 Jul 2014 NUS scientists have demonstrated that thermal conductivity of suspended single layer graphene increases as length increases.
LI Baowen (Group Leader, P hysics )

Materials science Nanobelts see light
24 Jul 2014 NUS professors demonstrate visible-light photodetectors usingmolybdenum oxide nanobelts.
CHEN Wei (Group Leader, Chemistry and Physics )

Food science Taste of green tea
23 Jul 2014 NUS scientists have identified the key taste compounds responsible for the taste of unsweetened ready-to-drink (RTD) green tea.
ZHOU Weibiao (Group Leader, Chemistry )

Drug discovery A potential new drug for obesity
22 Jul 2014 Scientists in NUS have discovered the first subfamily-selective and cell-active FTO inhibitor which pave way for novel anti-obesity treatment.
Esther WOON (Group Leader, Pharmacy )

Mathematics Removing motion blur in images
18 Jul 2014 NUS professors have developed new mathematical method to correct image blurring caused by camera shake.
JI Hui (Group Leader, Mathematics )

Data science Taming Big Data
16 Jul 2014 NUS statisticians have developed new statistical approaches and methodologies to deal with complex big data.
CHEN Ying (Group Leader,  Statistics and Applied Probability )

Disease management Vitamin D deficiency in kidney disease patients in Singapore
11 Jul 2014 Vitamin D deficiency was found to be prevalent among multiethnic non-dialysis chronic kidney disease (CKD) patients in Singapore.
Priscilla HOW (Group Leader, Pharmacy )

Materials chemistry Multicolour nanocrystal barcodes for anti-counterfeiting
4 Jul 2014 NUS scientists have developed upconversion nanosized single crystal rods with micrometer lengths and colour bands for use as barcodes.
LIU Xiaogang (Group Leader, Chemistry )

Pharmaceutics Microneedles for pain killers
1 Jul 2014 NUS scientists have fabricated a patch containing microneedles to deliver a pain killer directly below the skin.
KANG Lifeng (Group Leader,  Pharmacy )

Antibiotics Chemical wizardry by a soil bacterium
18 Jun 2014 NUS scientists have identified a key bacterial enzyme Ecm18 that converts a disulfide bond into a thioacetal group for drug synthesis.
KIM Chu-Young (Group Leader, Biological Sciences )

Statistical methodolgy Fast way to find cause and effect
11 Jun 2014 A new statistical methodology has been developed to find contributing factors to experimental outcomes in complex situations.
CHEN Zehua (Group Leader, Statistics and Applied Probability)

Immunology Innate immunity
11 Jun 2014 Partnership between natural Immunoglobulin G (IgG) and lectins confer immune protection to future infections.
DING Jeak Ling (Group Leader, Biological Sciences)

Materials science Popping crystals
2 Jun 2014 NUS scientists have unraveled the mystery of why certain molecules form crystals that pop when light shines on them.
Jagadese J, VITTAL (Group Leader, Chemistry)

Biodiversity Unusual parenting in a SE Asian treefrog
30 May 2014 Chiromantis hansenae has been discovered to practice parental care to increase the likelihood of survival of its offspring.
David BICKFORD (Group Leader, Biological Sciences)

Biodiversity A new species of rasborin fish discovered
28 May 2014 Scientists in NUS discovered a new species of rasborin fish in Indonesia.
TAN Heok Hui (Group Leader, Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum)

Plant biology The structure of flowers
19 May 2014 A new genetic pathway has been discovered that determines the flower arrangement in plants, which opens the way to better flower crops.
YU hao (Group Leader, Biological Sciences)

Materials chemistry Distorted polymers make good sensors
14 May 2014 A distortional isomerism has been discovered in coordination polymers that leads to enhance sensitivity to certain chemical reagents.
Jagadese J. VITTAL (Group Leader, Chemistry)

News NUS ranked number 1 in Asia
13 May 2014 NUS has emerged as Asia’s top university in the latest 2014 Quacquarelli Symonds (QS) University Rankings.

Materials science Making/breaking C-C bonds in single crystals!
13 May 2014 NUS and POSTECH scientists demonstrate that C-C bonds can be reversibly made and broken by light without harming single crystals.
Jagadese J. VITTAL (Group Leader, Chemistry)

Materials chemistry A new concept for single crystal materials
13 May 2014 Single crystals comprising metal and organic materials can now be made using a new concept. These materials can lead to new applications.
Jagadese J. VITTAL (Group Leader, Chemistry)

Materials chemistry Clar’s sextet rule finds new applications
10 May 2014 NUS scientists found that the well-known Clar’s sextet rule can also be used to predict whether the electrons are unpaired in special molecules.
WU Jishan (Group Leader, Chemistry)

Materials science Single crystals dance under UV light
24 Apr 2014 NUS scientists together with collaborators demonstrated photo-activated mechanical motion in three metal coordination complexes.
Jagadese J. VITTAL (Group Leader, Chemistry)

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News S'pore nuclear research & safety initiative
23 Apr 2014 $63m programme to boost Singapore's nuclear expertise which is led by NUS physicist.

Cell biology Sentinels of the brain
23 Apr 2014 Scientists in NUS have discovered the importance of microglia function in neuroinflammatory disease.
CHANG Young-Tae (Group Leader, Chemistry)

Cell biology Light up the groove, GQR!
21 Apr 2014 NUS scientists have developed a novel BODIPY-based fluorescent sensor (GQR) which can be used as drugs on cancer and HIV treatment.
CHANG Young-Tae (Group Leader, Chemistry)

News Thermo Fisher Scientific supports research in NUS
14 Apr 2014 Thermo Fisher Scientific will sponsor both multi-year and short term research grants in the life science sector.

Materials physics Confined electrons at interfaces
14 Apr 2014 NUS physicists has successfully developed a technique to study the interface between materials, shedding light on the new properties arises.
Andrivo RUSYDI (Group Leader, Physics)

christian nijhuis march2014  
Nanotechnology Let there be plasmons!
9 Apr 2014 NUS scientists together with collaborators uses a new physical process called 'quantum plasmonic tunnelling'.
Christian NIJHUIS ( Group Leader, Chemistry)

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Sensors W orld's first fluorescent sensor to detect drug
9 Apr 2014 Chemistry team from NUS developed world’s first fluorescent date-rape drug sensor which change colours within seconds.
CHANG Young-Tae (Group Leader, Chemistry)

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Materials science Directional conductivity under strain

3 Apr 2014 A team from Department of Physics exhibits the ability to conduct electricity in a certain direction when it is placed under tensile strain condition.
Andrivo RUSYDI (Group Leader, Physics)


News Man of science and dreams

21 Mar 2014 Professor Leo Tan speaks his mind on why Singapore needs a natural history museum?

News NUS science research in NPI global top 100 list
21 Mar 2014 The first institution in Singapore to break into this global list at the
46th position.

Policy Impact of biomass burning & haze in SEA
7 Mar 2014 Scientists propose coordinated response plan to study these impacts for more effective management of threatened marine ecosystems.
Zeehan JAAFAR (Group Leader, Biological Sciences)

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Cell biology Probe lights the way to Parkinson's research
7 Mar 2014 NUS scientists have created the first highly sensitive two-photon, small-molecule fluorogenic probe to evaluate the potential risk for Parkinson's.
YAO Shao Qin & LI Lin (Group Leader, Chemistry)

Materials science Joint graphene research
7 Feb 2014 NUS’ Graphene Research Centre and chemical giant BASF collaborates to explore applications for graphene.
Antonio CASTRO NETO (Director, Graphene Research Centre)


Materials science Manipulating graphene films

24 Jan 2014 NUS professors developed a new exfoliation technique that may open the way to some practical applications of graphene films.
LOH Kian Ping (Group Leader, Chemistry)

GYSS Jan14 smaall  
News 2nd Global Young Scientists Summit
23 Jan 2014 GYSS is an annual event in which about 300 PhD students and post-docs from leading international institutions as well as our local universities.




A new species of rasborin fish is discovered