Scientist uses a touch of silver to kill bacteria safely


It was reported that A*Star research scientist and Adjunct Assistant Professor Tan Yen Nee from the Department of Chemistry at NUS Faculty of Science, has led the development of a bio-silver hybrid material, which harnesses the potent germ-killing ability of silver, to kill bacteria which is becoming increasingly resistant to current drugs. Her new invention has a wide range of applications, from surface coatings for medical equipment, to topical creams and antibacterial sprays. It was mentioned that Asst Prof Tan’s team has filed a provisional patent for the bio-silver hybrid material in 2015. Her team is also developing a similar material that uses purely biological molecules, which is just as effective in killing bacteria, and could even be more powerful than the bio-silver hybrid material against certain types of bacteria.


Source : The Straits Times (Friday, 31 March 2017)


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