Plastic cups found in the gut of sperm whale


It was reported that the Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum has recently launched a book titled A Whale Out of Water: The Salvage Of Singapore’s Sperm Whale, which was authored by the Museum’s staff Ms Iffah IESA and Ms Kate POCKLINGTON, to raise the awareness of the importance of marine conservation. Prof Tommy KOH, chairman of the Museum’s advisory board wrote in the foreword that “the 50th year of Independence, 2015, was marked by the return of the Singapore whale”. The 155-page book, details how the Jubi Lee sperm whale, which now hangs at the Museum, was found; scientific discoveries arising from the carcass; and how museum staff worked around the clock to preserve its skeleton. One important discovery was what researchers found in the gut of the whale: other than the remains of a squid – a major part of its diet, they also found plastic cups. The book retails at the museum shop for $26, but from now till the end of this month, it will be sold at a promotional price of $16.   


Source : The Straits Times (Friday, 17 March 2017)


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