NUS students create College Laundry Telegram bot that reduces futile trips to laundry rooms


This was a report on the College Laundry Telegram bot that was created by three students of the Residential College 4 (RC4) at NUS University Town, namely, Mr YONG Shan Xian and Mr David TEN from computing, and Mr TEO Wei Song from life sciences. The trio developed the laundry bot, an impromptu project, which uses simple coding and QR code system on the Telegram messaging application. It allows users to check the status of the laundry machines’ availability, and notifies them when their laundry load is done. Although only about a week old, the College Laundry Telegram bot has drawn interest from other NUS residential colleges and halls, NTU as well as an education institution in France.


Source : Channel 8 News Online (Friday, 16 September 2016)


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