NUS scientists roll out diabetic-friendly bread


It was reported that a team of scientists from NUS led by Professor ZHOU Weibiao, Director of the Food Science and Technology Programme at the NUS Faculty of Science, has developed a recipe for diabetic-friendly bread. The recipe incorporates anthocyanin, a plant pigment found in foodstuff like black rice and blueberries, which causes the sugars in the bread to be digested at a slower rate compared to white bread. The digestion rates of the anthocyanin-fortified bread dropped by 12.8 per cent when incorporated with just 1 per cent of the anthocyanin extract from black rice, and by 20.5 per cent with 4 per cent of anthocyanin. The anthocyanin-fortified bread retains more than 80 per cent of its antioxidant capacity after baking and can help prevent cardiovascular disease and cancer. The team hopes to conduct further studies to incorporate anthocyanins into other food items, and is looking to commercialise the bread.


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