NUS Showcases Contributions to the Advancement of Science & Technology in Singapore


9 April 2015


More than 20 exhibits featuring innovative ideas of researchers from Science, Computing and Engineering


In celebration of its 110th anniversary and Singapore’s 50th year of independence, the National University of Singapore (NUS) launched a science and technology exhibition today entitled “Building Our Nation through Science and Technology”.


The 10-day exhibition features NUS’ innovations and inventions, epitomising the University’s spirit of improving lives through high impact research. For the first time, the Faculties of Engineering and Science, as well as the School of Computing, have come together to present 23 projects which are showcased along five themes: Digital Nation, Healthy Nation, Multimedia Nation, Smart Nation and Sustainable Nation. Visitors will get to view demonstrations, prototypes and poster displays of the projects.


NUS President Professor TAN Chorh Chuan said, “Today’s exhibition is one of several signature events celebrating NUS’ 110th Anniversary and SG50. As a leading global university, NUS has pioneered many innovative technologies and gained international recognition for the high calibre of our research. We are particularly proud that many of our inventions have helped contribute to the advancement of Singapore and the community at large.


“The combined efforts of the three Faculties in this exhibition reflect the culture of multi-disciplinary research at NUS. The close collaborations across Faculties and disciplines, as well as with industry and international partners, have yielded a wide spectrum of inventions, a selection of which are being shown thematically in this exhibition. Through this exhibition, we bring NUS research out of our labs to the public, and we hope that visitors will enjoy the displays.”


Highlights of the Exhibition


Under Digital Nation, visitors can marvel at a novel Magnetic-Resistive Random Access Memory (MRAM) chip that can boost information storage, learn about quantum cryptography and try out a new application that reconstructs buildings in 3D from a single image.


The Healthy Nation section showcases innovative NUS technologies that contribute towards advancement of medical science. Devices on display include an artificial implantable pancreas that can potentially regulate insulin for diabetics efficiently; a knee-ankle-foot robot for gait rehabilitation; and the world’s first system that provides real-time diagnosis of even pre-cancerous tissues during endoscopic examination.


Interesting displays at the Multimedia Nation section include an expert system that dispenses beauty tips to users, an application that brings illustrations to life, as well as a fun game based on face recognition technology.


Visitors to the Smart Nation section will be fascinated by an array of robots that carry out tasks in the sea – like a carp, eel and turtle - and in the air. Also on display is a robotic system that enables surgeons to perform minimally invasive procedures in skull or nasopharynx operations, leading to safer, faster and better recovery for patients.


The Sustainable Nation section explains how science and technology contribute towards sustainability by enhancing crop yield and making food products healthier and sustainable. In line with rising interest in green transportation, NUS students have developed a system that converts a motorbike to an electric bike, which will be on display at the exhibition.


Please refer to the Annex for more details on the exhibits.


Exhibition Details


The NUS science and technology exhibition will be held at the University Cultural Centre until 18 April. Selected exhibits will form a roving exhibition that will be showcased at the VivoCity from 27 April to 3 May, and Great World City from 27 May to 2 June. Admission is free.


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