SMP Reflections


Here are some of our SMP students' reflections on our mentors from Faculty of Science:


SMP 2015

Poon Zong Wei Julian on mentor, Dr M.V. Reddy  
"Dr. Reddy showed results of a huge range of other samples … and emphasised on learning. …  He constantly reminded us that whether the sample is suitable to be commercially available is not as important as the learning."


SMP 2013

Bianca Udella Djongianto, Chua Hou, and Yeo Wan Jin on mentor, Asst Prof David P. Bickford
"Asst Prof Bickford would approach every problem with humour and would never give up. Also, he would provide thought-provoking suggestions to our report to improve on it. Dr Bickford would constantly advise us not to sleep too late to complete the report (because we did) and would show concern if we looked tired or so."

Bruce Wen Ke Zhen and Lee Yu Tse on mentor, Dr M.V. Reddy
"Our mentor has always been understanding and been flexible with the times for meetings. Also, he consistently reminds us that learning is the most important part of this project and also reminds us about the importance of the scientific method. Most importantly, he is very understanding towards us and is willing to spend much time to explain many concepts to us."


SMP 2012

Lee Jian Xing on mentor, Ms He Yuye
"Our mentor was willing to take time off her busy schedule and even during the holidays to provide guidance, help and support to us. She cleared our doubts about the project and constantly asked questions to ensure that we completely understood the concept. She gave us relevant scientific articles to build up our interest for the project while patiently explaining all the concepts we were unable to understand."

Dominique Low Zhi Hao on mentor, A/P Henry Mok
"Our mentor was particular about punctuality and we got used to the fact that being punctual was important. This ensured that we managed to complete our experimentation earlier than other groups. He taught us to be passionate about what we were doing and showed us how such knowledge can be applied on our lives."

Kwek Shu Ying and Yang Wei Yun, Lily on mentor, Dr Leong Lai Peng
"Dr Leong saw that we did not fully understand why some steps were included and questioned us. She not only told us what to do, but helped us understand why we were doing them. She taught us about integrity ... how we should not abuse the name of science by publishing untrue or biased research and opened our eyes to the ethics behind science."

Lim Swee Hoe on mentor, A/P Lim Tit Meng
"He shared his insights on the set up of our experiment and got us interested by telling us of how the plants would 'dance' on their own. He trained us to be patient when observing the experiment, ... we had to wait 10 days for the experiment. He was also concerned about us."

Valavan Rajarajan on mentor, Dr M. V. Reddy
"He was very sincere in trying to help us and in ensuring we understood what was going on. He was there every step of the process... He gave us extra knowledge on how all the lab equipment worked and how we were supposed to present our project or write our report. He went beyond teaching us the topics and telling us what to do and gave us a great experience."


SMP 2011

Junianti on mentor, Ms He Yuye
“Ms He is a very patient and understanding mentor who puts in effort to ensure all members of the group understands what we really need, and responsible enough to constantly follow-up with us on whatever we are doing now. Her understanding to our busy schedule has also prevented us from tremendous stress and therefore has definitely made our SMP experience a positive and engaging one, which I believe is a really good start to our research journey.”

Anne Dhanaraj on mentor, A/P Lim Tit Meng
“Prof Lim is a truly caring teacher with the student welfare upmost in his mind. he is patient and very approachable at all times to answer the students' queries. At the same time he also tries to ensure that the project selected gives the students room for creative problem solving and a good opportunity to shine.”

Ian Foo on mentor, Dr M V Reddy
“Dr Reddy perpetually emphasized the student's learning over all else. He told us many times that what mattered for the SMP was not the outcome or the prize at the SSEF, but rather the research introduction, experience and learning opportunities that the SMP offered.”

Teo Jun Hao on mentor, Dr Massimiliano Colla
“I value Dr Colla's friendliness and approachability the most because I truly feel that he cares about our needs as well as understands that we have a lot that we do not understand. His patience in explaining new concepts to us is admirable as well.”

Deeborah Lye Hwee Min on mentor, A/P Sow Chorng Haur
“The importance and significance of our area of research was also highlighted to us, allowing us to conduct our project with much enthusiasm and interest. It allowed us to see the purpose and bring meaning to the work which we have conducted, which we believe is a very important aspect of research. We have learnt from our mentor that work is done with a clear purpose in mind.”

Ng Xue Ying on mentor, Dr Tay Seng Chuan
“His patience and conscientiousness in teaching us the required concepts before exploring the project are most valued. He gave me a deep insight in C programming that I would otherwise not be able to gain so much information on.”