Science Dean visits the Raffles Museum of Biodiversity Research


The Science Dean, Prof SHEN Zuowei gets to meet the smallest fish in the world, a crocodile that lived in the Serangoon River in the 1880s and a Panthera tigris, all on 25 April 2014 when he was invited to tour the Raffles Museum of Biodiversity Research (RMBR). Together with him on the tour were the Vice Deans Prof Roger TAN (Education and Special Duties), Prof Eric CHAN (Undergraduate Studies and Student Life) and Prof GOH Say Song (Outreach and Admissions).


Being one of the last visitors to the RMBR before they move to their new and much bigger home at the Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum (LCKNHM), the four deanery members were warmly hosted by Prof Peter NG and Prof Rudolf MEIER. Prof Ng, who has been the Director of RMBR since its formation in 1998, has been appointed as the Head of LKCNHM and will be supported by Prof Meier, the Deputy Head.


Science Dean visits LKCNHM 25Apr2014
From left: Prof Peter Ng, with the hind leg of a Triceratops dinosaur, Science Dean Prof Shen Zuowei, Assoc Prof Roger Tan, Prof Goh Say Song, Assoc Prof Eric Chan and Prof Rudolf Meier.


Touring through the dry, wet and cryogenic collections, Prof Shen was shown some of the rare and valuable specimens that the museum house and also gained some insights into some of the existing and past research and discoveries of RMBR, such as the discovery of the Paedocypris progenetica, the smallest free-living freshwater fish in the world, by Dr Tan Heok Hui and his collaborator in 1996. Dr Tan is currently a staff of the museum and also a lecturer at the Department of Biological Sciences.


The museum certainly plays a very important part in showcasing historical facts, advancing scientific research and also educating the public. We look forward to the opening of the LKCNHM next year, where visitors will not only see the three almost-complete sauropod dinosaur fossils, and a real hind leg of a Triceratops dinosaur (see image above). The LKCNHM will also feature live stick insects and aquariums amongst its rich natural history displays in the exhibition hall.


Science Dean phasmid LKCNHM 25Apr2014 
Visitors to the new LKCNHM will get to meet live stick insects like this one walking on Prof Shen's arm.