Young Investigator Awards 2013


The Department of Pharmacy is delighted to have two of its PhD students receive the Young Investigator Awards at the Multinational Association of Supportive Care in Cancer (MASCC) Annual meeting, held in Berlin, Germany from 27 to 29 June 2013.


Both students of Associate Professor Alexandre CHAN, Ms CHEUNG Yin Ting and Ms TEO Yi Ling, were awarded for their research on 'chemobrain' in Asian breast cancer patients, and toxicities of tyrosine kinase inhibitors, a class of drugs used in cancer therapy, respectively.


alex YT YL
Ms Cheung Yin Ting (left) and Ms Teo Yi Ling (right), with their supervisor Assoc Prof Alexandre Chan at the awards presentation ceremony.


Particularly interested in psychiatry and oncology, Yin Ting, who hopes that the findings of her research can ultimately improve the lives of cancer patients, shared that the research team had the opportunity to interact with cancer patients during the data collection process and “many cancer patients expressed that they were relieved and empowered by our research as they hope that their psychosocial needs will be met and acknowledged during their anti-cancer treatments. Albeit preliminary, I am glad that they are appreciative of the effort that we are putting into this problem”.


Also putting her focus on cancer patients, Yi Ling, on the other hand, is researching on the toxicities of tyrosine kinase inhibitors. Unlike conventional chemotherapies, these drugs do not cause the usual side effects of hair loss, nausea, vomiting, etc. “However, they have been related with their own set of unique toxicities, such as to the skin and liver,” says Yi Ling. “We hope that our work can benefit patients, where they can receive the maximal efficacy from drugs and yet experience only minimal toxicity,” she added.


When asked about receiving the awards, both young investigators expressed that they were glad for the opportunity to be able to share their research with other like-minded researchers internationally.


Having both students receiving prizes together, Assoc Prof Chan is indeed very honoured. He said, “I am very proud of my students winning awards at the same time. It shows that their research works in cancer supportive care are being recognised as highly impactful.”


Indeed, the Faculty is very proud of Yin Ting and Yi Ling and our heartiest congratulations to both of them.


About the award:

Ten awards for outstanding abstracts submitted by Young Investigators were announced during the MASCC/ISOO 2013 International Symposium on Supportive Care in Cancer, including one for Outstanding Young Investigator Award.


To be eligible for the Young Investigator Award, the applicant must:


• Be 40 years of age, or younger
• Be in training or in practice for 2 years or less
• Have his/hers submitted abstract ranked in the top 20% of all accepted abstracts; all applicants need to submit an abstract via the online submission page here;
• Have not received a previous Young Investigator Award

To view the complete list of award recipients: