Commencement 2013


Held in four ceremonies over two days on 14 and 15 July, Commencement 2013 saw 1,299 Faculty of Science (FoS) undergraduates being conferred their Bachelor degrees and 433 postgraduates being conferred their Masters or Doctor of Philosophy degrees.


The ceremonies took place at the University Cultural Centre, where graduates received their scrolls together with their cohort and were treated to motivational speeches delivered by alumni, reputable in their chosen fields of expertise.


After their respective ceremonies, graduates at Commencement 2013 were seen taking photos with their fellow graduates, faculty members, friends and family long after the official ceremony was over.


FoS is proud of all the graduates and we wish them all the best as they begin a new chapter in their lives.


Below are some moments captured for Commencement 2013!


C18, Sunday, 14 July 2013, 3pm (for Department of Physics and Department of Statistics & Applied Probability):

14072013DSC 0025  
Before the ceremony starts. From left: Dean of School of Business, Prof Bernard YEUNG, Dean of Science, Prof Andrew WEE,
guest speaker, Mr LIM Chuan Poh, Presiding Officer, Mr Andrew LIM and Vice Provost, Prof TAN Tai Yong.

14072013DSC 0053
Graduates awaiting start of the ceremony inside the hall.    

14072013DSC 0072  
Guest speaker, Mr Lim Chuan Poh delivering his speech.


14072013DSC 0187  
Valedictorian from Physics, Mr Navneeth RAMAKRISHNAN.              

14072013DSC 0211
A moment of celebration!


14072013DSC 0251
We have graduated!


C19, Monday, 15 July 2013, 8am (for Department of Mathematics and Department of Pharmacy):

10am2015JulDSC 0035  
Member of the offical procession. From left: Assoc Prof KOH Hwee Ling, Assoc Prof CHAN Lai Wah, Dr CHEW Ying Hui,
Asst Prof Celine LIEW and Dr Gigi CHEW.

10am2015JulDSC 0125
Checking out the proceedings of the ceremony.

10am2015JulDSC 0069  
Guest speaker, Mr LAM Pin Woon delivering his speech.               

10am2015JulDSC 0080
Graduates applausing to Mr Lam's advices.


10am2015JulDSC 0197  
Valedictorian from Pharmacy, Mr ONG Kheng Yong.

10am2015JulDSC 0210  
Valedictorian from Mathematics, Mr Kenny SNG.          

10am2015JulDSC 0165
Laughter amongst the crowd as the valedictorian recollects his undergraduate life in NUS.


C20, Monday, 15 July 2013, 3pm (for Department of Biological Sciences):

3pm2015JulDSC 0031  
Members of the official procession. From left: Assoc Prof David KELLOGG, Assoc Prof CHAN Woon Khiong,
Assoc Prof Kunchithapadam SWAMINATHAN, Assoc Prof Sanjay SWARUP and Asst Prof David BICKFORD.

3pm2015JulDSC 0043
Guest speaker, Mr KOH Poh Tiong (left) with NUS President, Prof TAN Chorh Chuan.

3pm2015JulDSC 0055   
Valedictorian representing the undergraduates of the Department of Biological Sciences, Ms SOH Yi Hui.                             

3pm2015JulDSC 0071
Valedictorian representing the postgraduates of the Department of Biological Sciences, Dr Farah TASNIM.

3pm2015JulDSC 0060  
The hall was filled with laughter as graduates listened to the valedictorians speak.          

3pm2015JulDSC 0078
End of the ceremony, marking a new chapter of the graduates' lives.

3pm2015JulDSC 0107  
NUS President, Prof Tan Chorh Chuan (most left), congratulating and chatting with the graduates together with
Prof David Bickford (in red bowtie) after the ceremony.

3pm2015JulDSC 0123
Assoc Prof Kunchithapadam Swaminathan (most right) taking a photo with his student as a remembrance.

C21, Monday, 15 July 2013, 8pm (for Department of Chemistry):

8pm2015JulDSC 0028  
A solemn moment as the national anthem is played.

8pm2015JulDSC 0060
All smiles in the hall!


8pm2015JulDSC 0040  
Guest speaker, Ms ONG Toon Hui delivering her speech.                   

8pm2015JulDSC 0150 
Valedictorian representing undergraduates of the Department of Chemistry, Mr ONG Tze Min, Jonathan.           


8pm2015JulDSC 0164
Valedictorian representing postgraduates of the Department of Chemistry, Dr LEE Pin Rou.