44th International Physics Olympiad


Following the good performance of the Singapore team at the Asian Physics Olympiad (APhO) in April this year, the team did the nation proud again at the 44th International Physics Olympiad (IPhO) held at Copenhagen, Denmark.


Representing Singapore at this year’s IPhO were Daniel MARK Keat Kay from Raffles Institution, together with LIM Jeck, Sean SEET Xiang En and Byorn TAN Wei Liang from NUS High School, who scored a gold medal each.


Also achieving an outstanding result, Ashwin VENKIDACHALAM, from Raffles Institution, went home with a silver medal. He is the highest scorer amongst all silver medallists.


“The students have demonstrated perseverance, a flair for scientific reasoning and the qualities that have made it possible for their win. They also learnt a great deal in the process of solving the physics problems. Congratulations to the team and I am very proud of their achievements in the competition.” said Mr LIM Kim Yong, scientific manager at the Science Demonstration Laboratory, Faculty of Science, NUS, who led the Singapore team together with Associate Professor Rajdeep Singh RAWAT from National Institute of Education (NIE).


Their excellent performance once again puts the country at the forefront of Science education.


Our heartiest congratulations to all of them!


Note: Singapore will be the next host nation of the Asian Physics Olympiad in 2014 and NUS is the appointed hosting institution.

The winning team from Singapore, posing proud with the nation's flag.


About the International Physics Olympiad

The International Physics Olympiad (IPhO) is an annual physics competition for secondary school students. It is one of the International Science Olympiads.

Each national delegation is made up of at most five student competitors plus two leaders, selected on a national level. Observers may also accompany a national team. The students compete as individuals, and must sit for intensive theoretical and laboratory examinations. For their efforts the students can be awarded gold, silver, or bronze medals or an honourable mention.