Cancer Foundation of ASCO Merit Awards 2013


PhD candidate Ms CHEUNG Yin Ting from the Department of Pharmacy is one of the recipients of the 2013 Conquer Cancer Foundation of ASCO Merit Awards.

Yin Ting making her presentation at the  ASCO Annual Meeting, 31 May - 4 Jun

Yin Ting was awarded for her research paper, “The Association of Pro-inflammatory Biomarkers and Post-Chemotherapy Cognitive Changes in Asian Breast Cancer Patients: A Prospective Cohort Study”, which sets out to identify pro-inflammatory biomarkers that are associated with memory and attention impairment in Asian patients receiving chemotherapy.

Yin Ting with Prof Alexandre CHAN at the  ASCO Annual Meeting, 31 May - 4 Jun

A student at the Department of Pharmacy, NUS, since her undergraduate days, Yin Ting is particularly interested in oncology supportive care and drug toxicity researches in oncology, and hopes that these works will make an impact on clinical practice.

“I have a passion for the current work that I am doing because I strongly believe that there is a paradigm shift in cancer management; the focus now is not just to cure or treat the cancer, but to help patients deal with their psychosocial and cognitive issues so that their quality of life and daily functioning will not be compromised,” says Yin Ting.

cheung yin ting team
The team behind the research.
From left: Ms Chue Xiuping (Research Assistant), Mr Shaun Maung Shwe (Research Assistant), Mr Terence Ng (PhD candidate),
Mr Nick Wang (PhD candidate), Assoc Prof Alexandre Chan, Ms Teo Yi Ling (PhD candidate), Ms Cheung Yin Ting (PhD candidate)

About the award

Merit Awards are given annually in recognition of outstanding abstracts submitted to the Scientific Program Committee for the upcoming Annual Meeting. The Merit Award program was established to encourage more fellows and residents to attend the Annual Meeting and to further promote clinical research in young scientists.

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