15 May 2019


Understand how the universe works


Curious about the universe? Want the skills for a high-tech career? Consider majoring in physics, and gain the confidence to tackle novel challenges and the ability to solve complex problems. Physics, a fundamental discipline, seeks to understand nature through mathematics and concepts such as space, time, energy, force, particles and fields.

New Specialisation in Quantum Technologies

From quantum computers to quantum cryptography and atomic clocks, scientists’ growing control over the quantum behaviour of particles of matter and light is ushering in a new generation of technology. NUS Physics students now have the option to take a Specialisation in Quantum Technologies, an undergraduate specialisation that is unique worldwide, with effect from AY2019/2020. Students will be introduced to the array of quantum technologies, and will gain knowledge and skills for careers in the fast-growing field of quantum technologies in academic institutions, industries and defence.

Honours students can also opt to pursue a Specialisation in Astrophysics, which focuses on celestial physics and cosmology, or a Specialisation in Nanophysics, which focuses on the scientific principles behind the technological and industrial developments of nanoscale materials with advanced functionalities.

Undergraduate Research Opportunities

Students will have the opportunity to work with world-class faculty in a range of physics’ fields, at cutting-edge facilities like the Centre for 2D Advanced Materials and the Centre for Quantum Technologies. Internships or projects can be in theoretical or experimental physics, encouraging students to pursue their interests to a deeper level.

Our Illustrious Alumni

Graduates have gone on to successful careers in a wide variety of industries in scientific and non-scientific domains.


Bernard Leong formal
“A science degree is the best education to stay relevant, given the accelerating pace of technology in most industries.” - Dr Bernard Leong, Vice President, Airbus Aerial Asia; Founder, Analyse Asia - B.Sc. in Physics and Materials Science (1998)


WONG LOKE YUEN 02 photo credit Applied Materials
“NUS’ flexible science curriculum allowed me to take experimental modules, which equipped me with useful skills such as laboratory management and organisational skills.” - Dr Wong Loke Yuen, Global Product Manager, Applied Materials - B.Sc. in Physics (2006); Ph.D. in Physics (2011)


JANET LIM Physics alumnus
“It’s exciting to see the potential synergy that exists between quantum research and industry, which could bring tangible benefit to the economy and society.” - Janet Lim, Research & Development Process Engineer, Edmund Optics - B.Sc. in Physics (2017); M.Sc. in Physics (2018)


KennyChong untitled 1498
“My Science education was enriching and rewarding. We learnt not just the scientific process and theories but also went through the train of thought behind various theories. This enabled us to think more critically and independently, resulting in skills that can be applied in any career path.” - Kenny Chong, Data Scientist, X0PA Ai Pte Ltd - B.Sc. in Physics and Mathematics (2018)


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