The Road Less Travelled

Armed with dreams to become the next generation of innovators, more new graduates are following their entrepreneurial dreams and carving out their own unique career paths. 

Life Sciences’ James LIM, who graduated in 2018, and a few partners started Undelusional Technologies Pte Ltd, a solutions company dedicated to addressing today’s psychosocial problems.

Undelusional provides a three-pronged approach - consultancy, workshops, and a proprietary application Xposur, together with discovery tools - for users to increase emotional ownership. Users are guided to achieve emotional ownership through a process called RAMs (Reflection, Awareness, Mindset shift),

James said, “I went through a difficult phase of losing my parents to cancer and cardiac arrest. Having to cope with school, bringing up a younger brother and shouldering family responsibilities, I suppressed my emotions which affected me academically and socially.”

He added, “From this experience, I realised that emotional ownership is important in resolving psychosocial issues.”

The team secured a startup grant from Enterprise Singapore and is developing its platform and seeking early adopters. In its first three years, the team plans to help companies create positive workplace environments.