We are what we eat: Organic products


Tai Seng Yee 02

Mr TAI Seng Yee, a Computational Finance graduate (2006), is the Executive Director of his family’s organic farming business Zenxin Agri-Organic Food Pte Ltd.  

Founded in 2001, Zenxin is now a leading organic fresh produce brand in Singapore and Malaysia offering healthy organic food grown through sustainable farming practices, without chemical or synthetic additives. 

The organic food market has grown exponentially in the last decade. Seng Yee said, “Consumers are increasingly making healthier choices and more retailers have set up specialised organic sections. Healthy eating also reduces the incidence of chronic diseases like diabetes.”  

Seng Yee’s involvement with Zenxin began when his father decided to venture into organic vegetable farming more than 20 years ago. He said, “I am very patient in managing the organic food business, with great respect for traditions of the land, the science of farming and innovation.”

Seng Yee’s efforts stem from his belief that going organic is the way to conserve biodiversity. He is also on a mission to help farmers regain their pride in harvesting the fruits of their labour. Under his leadership, Zenxin has grown into a global venture and is the only company in Southeast Asia with internationally accredited certifications for its entire production chain.

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Today, Zenxin has 4 farms, 3 distribution centres, 14 retail outlets and a recreational organic farm in Singapore and Malaysia. Zenxin Organic Park, the first open-to-public organic farm in Malaysia, offers visitors insights into the techniques of organic farming, through educational and recreational activities where visitors can experience a true farm-to-table concept.

Seng Yee also founded Zenxin Travel, a Singapore Tourism Board (STB) registered travel agency, which aims to let Zenxin’s customers experience food through eco travel and explore agriculture with the organic farmers around the world.

In recognition of his achievements, Seng Yee received the Frost & Sullivan Malaysia Customer Value Leadership Award (2018). This year, Seng Yee is leading Zenxin Organic Food's establishment in China, in line with its vision to be the leader of organic food in Asia.