Science Orientation Week 2018



Held from 30 July to 2 August, Science Orientation Week (SOW) 2018 introduced newly matriculated freshmen to places around campus and learning opportunities at the Faculty.

The freshmen were grouped with their peers of the same major, with each orientation group comprising at least two different majors. This arrangement allowed them to make friends within and outside their major, and to meet their lecture buddies. The freshmen also received advice on the curriculum before the new semester started. 




The theme for SOW2018 was Wonderverse. Participants were divided into four fantasy classes. Alkaia was the house of the warriors, Aztarus the rogues, Thanatos the mages and Toxaris the hunters.

The participants were tasked to collect different pieces of a magical artefact in order to “escape” from the Wonderverse realm. They journeyed through six different islands, which were represented by different segments of the camp: Internal Amazing Race, Science Club Exposure, External Amazing Race, Night Games, Beach Day and Four-Way Competition.