Food Science and Technology Workshops

The Food Science and Technology (FST) Alumni Group initiated two fundraising activities in June to support FST student bursary and awards.


Family Baking Workshop


The FST Alumni Family Baking Workshop on 2 June was designed for families with young children aged 4 and above. Mdm LIM Meiyu, an FST alumna who is professionally trained in baking, was invited to conduct the workshop. She is a Senior Research and Development Executive at Wilmar Innovation Centre, with more than 10 years of baking experience.

The workshop was a good introductory session for the children to learn simple baking, the function of ingredients and the science behind the baking process. They had the opportunity to make pizza from scratch and mould their own cookies.

One of the participants, Mdm LAM who attended the workshop with her two daughters said, “My girls and I really enjoyed the workshop! It was a good parent-child bonding session. The steps were easy to understand and follow, with minimal guidance from the parents.” 





Chocolate Appreciation Workshop

More than 10 FST alumni attended a Bean-To-Bar Chocolate Appreciation Workshop by Lemuel Chocolate on 23 June.

The workshop began with an introduction of the company and its product range by Mr Ronald NG, Co-founder of Lemuel Chocolate. Following that, the workshop delved deeper into the rigorous process of making Bean-To-Bar chocolates.

The participants learnt how to sort, roast, crack and winnow the cacao beans. They had a tasting session on several award-winning products at the end of the workshop. They were also taught how to appreciate the beauty of single-origin craft chocolates, and the individual unique sets of flavours.

With more than 30 years of experience, Mr Ng aspires to educate more people on the appreciation of bean-to-bar craft chocolates in Singapore.

One participant, Ms LEW said, “It was a very informative and fun session. I gained so many educational insights from just a bean and a bar.’’