Life Sciences Camp 2018



The camp was held from 9 to 12 July 2018 for Life Sciences freshmen. The camp provided them the opportunity to meet fellow students and faculty. They also gained a better understanding of the Life Sciences curriculum.  

Using the cyclic adenosine monophosphate (cAMP) pathway as the camp theme, the four-day event had four objectives: induction, adaptation, divergence and potential, representing the four stages of the pathway, respectively.

For the induction segment, there were ice-breakers and station games around the Faculty, which encouraged mingling amongst freshmen and seniors.


(Left) Freshmen from different junior colleges and polytechnics met peers and seniors with a shared interest in the life sciences  
(Right) Our wonderful seniors accompanied the freshmen throughout the camp

For the adaptation portion, an inter-house segment was organised where freshmen were teamed up with members from another Orientation Group (OG). This facilitated interaction with other freshmen who were not from their own OGs.


The inter-house game segment broadened the freshmen’s network

On the third day, which focused on divergence, everyone took part in a campus-wide amazing race.

On the final day, which focused on potential, the strength of new bonds formed was put to the test when the campers were brought to Sentosa for a day of team-building. The camp ended with an energetic performance by the freshmen on Finale Night.


(Left) Campers familiarised themselves with the NUS campus via an amazing race
(Right) Campers forged friendships during a Beach Day at Sentosa


The freshmen put up a fun and exciting performance during the Finale Night