Department Engagement Events


The Departments of Biological Sciences, Chemistry, Mathematics, Physics and Statistics and Applied Probability, as well as the Food Science and Technology, and Data Science and Analytics programmes, each hosted a half-day visit to encourage prospective students who received admission offers to study Science at NUS. The departments customised their programmes to provide information on our Science courses, other learning opportunities and the career prospects of science graduates.

The activities, held from 18 to 28 April, included talks, laboratory visits, hands-on activities and meetings with faculty members and students. These visits complemented the Faculty’s key pre-admission events, namely, NUS Open Day and the Faculty Open House.

The Department of Biological Sciences organised an engagement session which commenced with a welcome address by Head of Department Prof YU Hao. This was followed by an overview of the Life Sciences curriculum by Prof Henry MOK. Prof Darren YEO then shared on the Environmental Biology modules, Prof Timothy SAUNDERS on Biophysics modules, Prof LOW Boon Chuan on Cell and Molecular Biology, and Prof Maxey CHUNG on Biomedical Science.



Prof Henry Mok shared on the NUS Life Sciences programme

Thereafter, Dr Zeehan JAAFAR introduced the Student Life Committee members of the NUS Life Sciences Society (LSS).

DED2 5

Faculty members mingled and chatted with the students in small groups during the tea session

After tea, visitors went on guided laboratory tours to the Protein and Proteomics Centre, which allows advanced research in proteins and oncology biomarker research for rapid cancer detection and screening applications, and the bee diversity laboratory.


 Mr Lim Teck Kwang shared about protein studies done in the PPC


An LSS student shared about the insect collection in the laboratory


Prof John Ascher shared about bee diversity in Singapore and the region


LSS President Nicholas Lim shared about zebra fish research

Another group visited the Centre for BioImaging Sciences, which focuses on the science and application of biological imaging by light and electron microscopy, and teaching laboratories focusing on Biodiversity and Cell and Molecular Biology. The visit drew 282 students and their parents.

The Department of Chemistry held a half-day programme, which commenced with a welcome address by the Head of Department Prof Richard WONG, followed by a Chemistry curriculum and career talk by Deputy Head (Administration and Student Life) Prof ANG Wee Han.

Thereafter the visitors toured the renovated teaching laboratories, instrument laboratories featuring mass and nuclear magnetic resonance spectrometers, and the research laboratories. Each group was led by one of 14 student assistants who provided a commentary describing how the laboratories support education and research.

The prospective students also conducted a hands-on experiment to prepare one of two metal-organic frameworks. Comparing their results with their peers piqued their interest in inquiry-based experiments. The event ended with an optional campus bus tour.



Prospective students were briefed before starting work on hands-on experiments in the General Chemistry Teaching laboratory


Prospective students worked on the filtration step


Visitors listened to the explanation of an analysis measurement 


A Chemistry student explained the research done in the research laboratories at MD1, level 14


Prof Richard Wong interacted with a group of visitors during the tea session


Visitors, staff and students mingled during the tea session

The Department of Physics welcomed over 50 prospective students and their parents. Head of Department Prof SOW Chorng Haur introduced the department while Deputy Head (Education) Prof Valerio SCARANI delivered a talk on the curriculum structure and career options of physicists.




The highlights included tours to the Centre for Ion Beam Applications where visitors learnt about novel applications using proton beam, and the Centre for Quantum Technologies which focuses on quantum physics research. 


Prof Sow Chorng Haur briefed visitors at the Centre for Ion Beam Applications 


Prof Christian Kurtsiefer shared on quantum phenomenon at the Centre for Quantum Technologies


Visitors were treated to a solar viewing at the rooftop observatory


An interactive session with string theorist Prof Tan Meng Chwan

The Department of Mathematics arranged a half-day programme for visiting students and their parents, comprising a welcome address by Head of Department Prof ZHU Chengbo, and a comprehensive talk on the Mathematics undergraduate curriculum by Assistant Head (Teaching) Prof Victor TAN. 






To provide a comprehensive perspective of Mathematics at university level, a panel of four undergraduates majoring in Mathematics, Applied Mathematics and Quantitative Finance were invited to share their learning experiences. 

Student ambassadors from the NUS Mathematics Society then brought the visitors on a department tour.  The programme ended with a tea session and the option to attend a mini lecture on calculus by Dr WANG Fei.




The Department of Statistics and Applied Probability’s programme started with a mini datathon where attendees were given a set of data, which they had to use to solve a problem.




Deputy Head (Academic) Prof LIM Tiong Wee then explained the datathon solution, and introduced the Statistics curriculum as well as the diverse learning opportunities at NUS. 




The Data Science and Analytics (DSA) session commenced with an introduction by Prof Lim Tiong Wee, on the DSA curriculum as well as career opportunities for data science graduates.





Dr ZHAO Jingyuan, a Statistics alumnus, shared about her experience as a data science practitioner at NTUC Link. 




An early engagement session was conducted by the Food Science and Technology (FST) Programme, which comprised a programme introduction and engagement with student ambassadors who shared on their learning and campus life experiences.