Inaugural Data Science Conference and Workshop


On 31 May 2018, the Faculty’s Data Analytics Consulting Centre (DACC) organised a conference which featured leading data science experts from the public sector, multinational corporations and a startup who shared how they deployed data analytics to benefit their respective organisations and industries.


Prof Carol HARGREAVES, DACC’s Director, kicked off the event by outlining DACC’s consulting services and how it can help businesses to unlock value from Big Data. 


The keynote address was delivered by Dr Daniel LIM, Acting Deputy Director (Data Science), Government Technology Agency (GovTech) and Acting Deputy Director (Policy and Governance), Smart Nation and Digital Government Office, who gave an overview of how insights derived from data enable evidence-based decision-making. Noting the importance of real-world implementation, Dr Lim cited how visualisation science was applied to address Circle Line disruptions; text analysis to understand topics debated in Parliament; and topic modelling to analyse public feedback on HDB flat sales.

Thereafter, various distinguished industry speakers took to the stage to share on practical data-driven challenges encountered, and solutions adopted, in their respective sectors.


Prof NGIAM Kee Yuan, Consultant, Division of Thyroid and Endocrine Surgery, Group Chief Technology Officer, Deputy Chief Medical Informatics Officer, National University Health System Singapore, spoke about how artificial intelligence is transforming healthcare.


Mr Fredric FANTHOME, Programme Director (Data First Programme), DBS Bank, shared how the bank leverages data analytics to become a "smarter bank" and to deliver an industry-leading customer experience. 



Mr Jay JENKINS, Head of Customer Engineering Southeast Asia and Mr YONG Shao-Horng, Customer Engineer, Google Cloud, then brought the audience through Google’s journey with data.


Mr Kenneth LIM, Chief Technology Officer and Director (Research & Technology and Industry Development), Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore, gave the audience insights into how intelligent systems are digitalising port operations.


Dr ZHAO Jingyuan, Director of NTUC Link Analytics Centre, discussed how analytics uncovers growth opportunities through more effective marketing, better product development and stronger customer engagement.


Mr Suresh V SHANKAR, Founder of Crayon Data, spoke about his experiences as an entrepreneur and data evangelist, and how data analytics is changing the competitive landscape for customers’ wallets. 

The conference was paired with a workshop on 1 June, which combined essential data science tools and techniques with hands-on case studies, under step-by-step guidance from experienced practitioners.

Prof Hargreaves said, “Through this event, data science and career professionals acquired skills to create data-driven solutions for business competitiveness, engaged in collaborative discussions with industry experts, and learnt about leading data science technologies to succeed in a data-driven world.”