8th Foundation of Clinical Diabetes Management


The 8thFoundation of Clinical Diabetes Management: Certification Programme for the Healthcare Professionals, held from 25 to 27 April 2018, focused on the prevalent healthcare issue of combating diabetes through continuing education (CE). 

This annual programme, established and chaired by Prof Joyce LEE from the Department of Pharmacy, is one of the most comprehensive CE workshops offered in Singapore. The workshop was delivered by a team of multidisciplinary experts in diabetes care, including clinical pharmacy, endocrinology, family medicine, physiotherapy, ophthalmology, dietetics / nutrition,podiatry and nursing education.  

The participants attended 18 hours of interactive lectures coupled with small-group clinical case discussions which allowed them to apply their knowledge to real patient cases. 

Some 40 healthcare professionals from the community, primary care sector, long-term care sectorand tertiary care health institutions attended. They received a Certification of Participation upon completing the course. Those who successfully completed an online assessment after the programme received a Certification of Achievement. The programme certifications are recognised by employers from different health institutions as a markof quality assurance.

Many participants gave positive feedback that the programme equipped them with relevant and valuable knowledge, increasing their confidence in managing patients with Type 2 diabetes. Nearly 60% of the participants plan to return for certification renewal.

Since 2011, the CE programme has certified and recertified more than 400 healthcare professionals from different parts of Asia, including Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia, Taiwan and Hong Kong. The programme contributes to strengthening the foundation of diabetes knowledge and skills to improve the quality of life for diabetic patients.



Participants attended a three-day workshop and small group clinical case discussion sessions


Prof Joyce Lee (centre, seated) with the participants of the 8th Foundation of Clinical Diabetes Management: Certification Programme for the Healthcare Professionals