The Science, Art and Regulation of Consumer Care Products Workshop


On 22 and 23 February 2018, the Pharmaceutical Innovation & Research Centre, Department of Pharmacy, organised "The Science, Art and Regulation of Consumer Care Products: The Workshop".


This was a two-day workshop designed for research managers, research scientists, manufacturing scientists and regulatory affairs specialists from the consumer care and pharmaceutical industries.


The workshop featured talks by regulatory, industry and academic experts in the various fields. It was also customised to incorporate a practical component, to enable participants to apply the theoretical knowledge acquired from lectures into practice.



Participants learnt techniques on encapsulation technologies, transdermal delivery, as well as the steps of Physiologically Based PharmacoKinetic modelling and sensitisation prediction of skin


Participants, including those who had not stepped into laboratories for a long time, donned laboratory coats and got actively involved in the various activities. They shared their views that the lecture series and practical sessions covered a broad range of relevant topics to the consumer care industry. They were also captivated by the experiments demonstrated during the practical sessions.



A group photo of the organisers, speakers and participants