Inter Faculty Games 2017


Team Science bagged several medals in the intense Inter Faculty Games (IFG) 2017, held from 18 August to 22 September.

The weeks of gruelling training paid off as the Science IFG athletes reaped the fruits of success through the titles clinched. The Tchoukball and Women’s Volleyball teams took home the champion titles, while the Women’s Soccer, Chess and Contract Bridge teams bagged the Silver Medals. The Tennis, Women’s Floorball, Badminton and Dota teams received the Bronze Medals.


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The Women’s Volleyball team brought the Gold Medal back for Science

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The Tchoukball Team’s cheer: “One Team, One Dream. Go Science!”

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The victorious Tchoukball team, with the referees, in their first Gold Medal win

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The Women’s Soccer team bagged the Silver Medal

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The Women’s Floorball competition against the Business Faculty saw moments of high tension


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The Badminton (Mixed) team raised the flag with pride for their Bronze Medal


Through the IFG, the Science athletes fostered stronger morale and teamwork, and built friendships. The IFG also provided recognition for the athletes who sacrificed their term break for intensive training.

Clymene LIM, Year 4 Life Sciences, Sports Committee Director, said, “The IFG represented the determination, passion and camaraderie of our athletes in their full glory. Our Science IFG theme ‘Invictus Arduis’, or ‘unconquered in difficulties’ was strongly exemplified by our athletes who showed a strong and indomitable spirit.”

HEE Xin Wei, Year 2 Life Sciences, Tchoukball (Mixed) team / Sports Committee Vice-Director, said, “The team for IFG changes every year but the essence of Team Science never changes - the desire and will to put in our best for each other.”

ER Jia Yun, Year 2 Statistics, Women’s Floorball team, said, “IFG is a good opportunity for students to pick up a new sport. Students also get to train and fight alongside teammates from their own faculty.”

Heather TAY, Year 2 Life Sciences, Table Tennis team, said, “I reignited my passion for a sport that I loved. It was enriching to see the awesome team spirit in the Science Faculty!”

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The exciting start of the basketball competition

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Blazing through their opponents, the Women’s Basketball team fought valiantly against their counterparts from the School of Computing