Inaugural Nanomedicines Workshop


The Department of Pharmacy organised the inaugural Nanomedicines Workshop on 12 and 13 October. The two-day workshop blended classroom learning with expert panel sessions and hands-on training on the latest advances in nanomedicine and its formulation.

33 participants from diverse industries, such as educational institutions, regulatory bodies, pharmaceutical and investment companies, attended the lectures by nine local and overseas speakers.

The lectures were conducted in a classroom environment, with active discussions on topics such as drug delivery applications of liposomes, nanovesicles for natural product delivery, nanodiamonds as well as the safety and regulatory aspects of nanomedicine. Following the lectures, the participants attended practical sessions where they were able to translate what they had learnt and experienced first-hand how to assemble liposomes. This familiarised them with various nanomedicine characterisation techniques.

Inaugural Nanomedicines Workshop 1

Participants attended the lectures in a classroom environment

Inaugural Nanomedicines Workshop 1

The practical sessions gave participants hands-on experience on various nanomedicine techniques

The event brought together expert speakers from Singapore and abroad. These included Prof Rachel EE, Prof Gigi CHIU and Prof Giorgia PASTORIN, NUS Department of Pharmacy; Dr Edward Kai-Hua CHOW, Cancer Science Institute, NUS Pharmacology; Dr Ann-Marie CHACKO, Head, Laboratory for Translational and Molecular Imaging, Cancer and Stem Cell Biology Programme, Duke-NUS Medical School; and Dr Desmond HENG, Scientist, Institute of Chemical and Engineering Sciences from Singapore.

The overseas speakers included Dr Matthias WACKER, Head, Pharmaceutical Technology and Nanosciences, Fraunhofer Institute for Molecular Biology and Applied Ecology, Germany; Prof WONG Tin Wui, Director, Non-Destructive Biomedical and Pharmaceutical Research Centre, Universiti Teknologi MARA, Faculty of Pharmacy, Malaysia; and Dr SEAH Ling Kuan, Project Leader, Max Planck Institute for Polymer Research, Germany.

Participants gave positive feedback that they gained more in-depth knowledge on nanomedicine. The event was sponsored by Anton Paar Singapore Pte Ltd, Abbott Laboratories GmbH, Esco Micro Pte Ltd and Bio-Rad Laboratories.

Inaugural Nanomedicines Workshop 1

Speakers and participants at the Nanomedicines Workshop