2017 Singapore Statistics Poster Competition


The 2017 Singapore Statistics Poster Competition, organised by the Department of Statistics and Applied Probability, was held from March to July and culminated in an awards ceremony on 8 September. This year, there was an increase in participation, with 84 entries from the secondary school category, and 38 from the junior college category.

Through the competition, students explored creative data displays and used statistics to present different points of view and answer questions about data. The students also discussed various topics, such as social media, health and public transportation.

River Valley High School (RVHS) emerged first in the secondary school category, while NUS High School of Mathematics and Science (NUSHS) retained its championship in the junior college category.

Wyzley PANG Eng Meng, Year 4, RVHS, said, “I learnt how data and statistical analysis can be used to make informed decisions that may potentially help improve efficiency. While the numbers in a data set are fixed, we can adopt different perspectives when analysing and interpreting statistics as there may be more in the numbers than meets the eye.”

MAO Yu Di, Year 4, RVHS, said, “Through this journey, I came across many real-life problems that can be modelled using statistics. This gave me a broader view of how statistics can be applied in our daily lives.”

ZHU Jiachen, Year 4, RVHS, said, “I discovered a variety of real-life applications for statistics. I used to think that statistics is a textbook topic which is not relevant after I finish my studies. This competition made me realise how statistics plays an important role in our lives.”

Member of the winning team in the Secondary School category, SI Chenglei, Year 4, RVHS, said, “We are very excited and happy to receive the first prize. We brainstormed many ideas but eventually chose the queue problem as it is relevant to our daily lives and at the same time, interesting to study mathematically. Throughout the process, our group worked together closely and helped each other on different parts of the poster. We would not have been able to overcome the challenges without each other’s support.”

Denice TAN Wen Ying, Year 2, Catholic Junior College, said, “Through this experience, we were able to directly apply what we learnt in class to real-world scenarios. We learnt about how statistics could be effectively used by many organisations for informed data-based decision making. We discovered that statistics can also be applied to non-quantifiable and intangible topics by defining these subjective topics using quantifiable parameters.”

Ernest TEO You Cheng, Year 6, NUSHS, said, “The competition allowed me to conduct research using statistical analysis methods to see a correlation between our choices of factors. This allowed me to gain a better understanding into the life of a statistical researcher, or one who deals with statistical analytics.”

Vernicia NEO Shu Qi, Year 6, NUSHS, said, “I had the opportunity to investigate the correlation between PSLE and GPA scores, by applying the formula I learnt in school on the data my team collected. I also gained a better understanding of the challenges in obtaining accurate and unbiased conclusions from surveys. While planning the project and how the data was processed and analysed, I discovered ways where one could cut corners and manipulate the data, such that the conclusion obtained from the data fits what the researcher wants. Hence, it is important to understand that not all survey findings will be accurate as the researcher can manipulate the sample size or methodology.”



Head of Department Prof Chan Hock Peng with the winning team from River Valley High School who scored first place in the Secondary School category


A group photo of the winning teams and their teachers from River Valley High School


Prof Chan Hock Peng with the winning team from NUS High School of Mathematics and Science who scored first place in the Junior College category


Catholic Junior College won second place in the Junior College category


The team from Republic Polytechnic with their project poster