Talk by SPS alumni Dr LEE Kean Loon

Special Programme in Science (SPS) alumnus Dr LEE Kean Loon (SPS 2003) gave a talk on 27 September where he shared on the challenges of moving from a career in academia to industry.

Upon graduating with a Physics degree, Kean Loon took up a scholarship to pursue his Ph.D. at the Centre of Quantum Technologies (CQT), spending two post-doctoral stints at CQT and Newcastle University. He is now working for CGG as a software developer. CGG is a leader in cutting-edge geoscience, delivering sustainable solutions to address clients' energy challenges. It uses a range of high-end technologies to produce high-quality images of the Earth’s subsurface for exploration, production and optimisation of oil and gas reserves.

The session started with an introduction of CGG, and a sharing of career opportunities and job scopes by Kean Loon’s CGG colleagues. Thereafter, Kean Loon spoke on how he successfully made the transition into industry and the differences between career progression and development in academia and industry. He shared, for instance, how journal publications, one of the important benchmarks in academia, may not be relevant to industry. Instead of a publication track record. Kean Loon advised that a focus on relevant skill sets would be more applicable for industry careers. In his career, this included the mastery of C, C++, and Fortran, as well as parallel processing (OpenMP, MPI and GPU-based programming).

The talk ended with a networking session with CGG's speakers.


Dr Lee Kean Loon shared on his working experiences in CGG


Ms Bindu Mishra, CGG’s Regional Sales & Marketing Manager, gave an overview of the company


Ms Khek Lay Kin, HR Business Partner for CGG Subsurface Imaging Asia Pacific, shared on the various career opportunities at the company