Project Angel - Mosaic of Hearts


On 19 May to 6 June, 17 student volunteers visited Phnom Penh, Cambodia to help underprivileged communities under Project Angel, an Overseas Service-Learning Project.

At Widow’s Island, the students conducted English lessons, installed an irrigation system to support plantation crops and smoothed, plastered and painted the walls of the Vocational Training Centre.

At the second service site, the students conducted lessons at Sa’ang Community Education School and helped out on construction work, including building a pavement and sanding the walls for whitewashing and painting.

On the last day, the students held a mini cultural exchange and gave a short performance to showcase Singapore’s multi-ethnic cuisine and festivals.

Through these activities, the students interacted with the locals and gained insights into their way of life while experiencing the warm hospitality of the Cambodian villagers. A participant said, “The experience reaffirmed my commitment to help disadvantaged communities and inspired me to put in my best efforts regardless of adversities in life.”

Another participant said, “In spite of cultural differences, we welcomed each other’s differences and worked together as a team. We were very thankful for the opportunity to have this Service Learning experience in Cambodia.”



The students were guided by local contractors to cement walls  


The students learnt how to mix cement, which was harder than it looked


The students cooked for the locals and shared on Singapore’s festivals at a cultural night at Sa’ang


 Some of the participants overcame their fear of heights to smoothen the walls


The students used props and drawings to conduct English lessons for the Cambodian children