Science Camp 2017


SCAMP 2017f


Science Camp (SCAMP) is an annual camp for newly-matriculated freshmen to orientate them to the Faculty and life on campus.

SCAMP 2017 was held from 13 to 16 June. To appeal to the diverse interests of the freshmen, the programmes were customised and included outdoor and indoor games, the widely popular escape room, beach games and even gameshows hosted by the NUS Students’ Science Club SCAMP Sub-committee.

Through the various camp activities, the freshman got acquainted with at least 15 fellow freshmen and nine seniors from their respective orientation groups.

Freshman Javier LIM Xin Long said, “The planning of SCAMP ‘17 was very detailed, in the props, videos and acting. The games were also fun, original and creative! The committee and orientation group leaders were the best part about the camp as they were enthusiastic and friendly.”

Another freshman QUEK Yong Yong said, “The SCAMP concept and storyline were very interesting! Overall, it was well-planned and executed. The good food and freebies added value to my experience as a SCAMP ’17 freshman!”


SCAMP 2017e

A participant with a face painted design during the Secret Pal segment

SCAMP 2017d

Bonding during a game at the NUS Sports and Recreation Centre

SCAMP 2017c

SCAMP’17 participants enjoyed the flow of free drinks from one of the event sponsors

SCAMP 2017b

Participants added zest to the camp atmosphere at an out-of-school segment in Singapore Sports Hub

SCAMP 2017a

Freshmen took in the sun during a day out at the beach

SCAMP 2017

A group photo of SCAMP’17 Beach Day