Science Club Activities
Science Day 2017


Science Day 2017 on 20 January was an exciting and eventful one. The booth was colourfully decorated to illustrate the event theme, “Nostalgia”.


Participants engaged in various popular traditional games such as Snap, eraser flipping and five stones. To add a twist to the activities, participants were tested on their biology and life sciences knowledge before the games commenced.


The event attracted over 200 students, staff and faculty members and was enthusiastically received. V. MITHEERA, Year 2, Life Sciences, said, “I had much fun meeting other Science students and forming new friendships as we made a trip down memory lane playing eraser wars and Snap.”


CHANG Jingkai, Year 1, Life Sciences, said, “The Science Faculty’s passion and zest in celebrating the event was refreshing and infectious.”


ANG Jingwen, Year 1, Life Sciences, said, “The biggest takeaway of the event was learning things beyond our major through the theme of nostalgia.”


SciDay2017 1 SciDay2017 2

SciDay2017 3 SciDay2017 5


Project Angel Car Wash 


On 23 to 26 January, Project Angel XX: Mosaic of Hearts organised a car wash event called “WaSHINE” to raise funds for their Overseas Service Learning Trip. In spite of the rainy weather on the first two days, the downpour did not dampen the team’s enthusiasm. The team managed to raise more than $670 for their project from this event.


SEE Eng Sheng, Year 4 Life Sciences, said, “The heavy downpour was only a temporary setback. We were motivated to put in extra effort on the last two days. Through teamwork and camaraderie, we grew closer to one another over the event.”


PA 1 


Welfare Initiatives


The Welfare Subcommittee implemented two initiatives so far in Semester 2, namely, the Stationery Giveaway and the Fortune Cookies and Drinks Giveaway.


For the Stationery Giveaway, participants gave out 300 free pens and Post-It pads to students to welcome them back to school and to mark a good start to the upcoming semester.


Participants also distributed 300 boxes of granola bars and packet drinks to students in conjunction with the Chinese New Year celebrations. To increase the festive atmosphere, an alumnus dressed as Cai Shen Ye was invited to hand out the fortune cookies and drinks.


Angeline LIEW, Year 3 Life Sciences and Director of the Welfare Subcommittee, said, “These initiatives served to improve students’ welfare. I found it heart-warming to see the students’ smiles when they received the free items.”


 Welfare 1