Young entrepreneur: CHAN Kailin, Co-Founder and Director, AlfaCloud HK Ltd


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CHAN Kailin graduated with a B.Sc. in Applied Science (Computational Finance) in 2004.


Kailin started out as an engineer after graduation, developing risk management software and analytics for the banking sector in Singapore. She then embarked on a 10-year investment banking career in Hong Kong, where she gained exposure to the rapidly growing China and ASEAN equity markets.


Through her work with companies, Kailin realised that Asian businesses are still in a nascent stage in using innovation and cloud technology to deliver business value. To address this emerging business need, Kailin co-founded AlfaCloud in 2015 after venturing to Harvard University and validating her software, with the vision to be the region’s platform provider for industry-leading data analytics business cloud solutions uniquely designed for Asian businesses.


AlfaCloud’s offerings include artificial intelligence bots and new generation tools in eRetail, eCommerce and eHR. Its curated business cloud solutions enable companies to easily consolidate accounting, inventory management and point of sales into a single platform, hence harnessing cloud technologies for business expansion and productivity.


For instance, its Retail Analytics Solution provides live data on customer behaviorial change, while its complementary Artificial Intelligence chatbotcan predict what products a customer is likely to buy. This enables the development of more impactful marketing strategies to enhance retail competitiveness.


Kailin said, “We are at the threshold of a new wave in cloud services in Asia. This opens up a whole new range of opportunities that will transform businesses. In the near future, analytics will turn data into actionable insights while the autonomous artificial intelligence chatbot can act on the data automatically to create great user experiences.”


On her insights as a young entrepreneur, Kailin said, “Always listen to your customers and don’t be obsessed with your idea, product and yourself. Take time to research and improve your model and always localise to fit the market.”


She added, “My Science training gave me a significant competitive edge in the new digital economy, in the fast emerging areas of data analytics, cloud computing, artificial intelligence and social media. This challenging degree programme also opened up unlimited opportunities and instilled in me strong foundational skills in programming, creativity in numerical applications and a forward-thinking mindset. This prepared me well to build my business and to venture to the international stage.”


AlfaCloud currently has an established presence in Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia. It has received interest from venture capitalists. Going forward, Kailin plans to grow its cloud product offerings and to expand in ASEAN and China.


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Chan Kailin, Co-Founder and Director, AlfaCloud HK Ltd