Singapore Rubik's Cube Competition: Mathematics Society


The Singapore Rubik’s Cube Competition is an annual competition held by the NUS Mathematics Society. It comprises three categories, namely the NUS, School Category and the Open Category. These categories are open to NUS students; primary and secondary schools, junior colleges, polytechnics and Institutes of Technical Education in Singapore; and public participants from all over the world, respectively.


The competition aims to foster interest in Rubik’s Cube as well as to encourage avid cubers to hone their skills. Through this event, Mathematics Society members also forged strong friendships with  participants from Singapore and all over the world.


The Singapore Open 2016 held on 20 and 21 February 2016 drew 199 participants from 18 countries, with 35 national records from Singapore, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, Honduras, Hong Kong and the Philippines broken during the two-day event. The Open Category of the competition is endorsed by the World Cube Association.


Rubik 1   Rubik 2
Participants from 18 countries competed in the Singapore Rubik’s Cube Competition


Rubik 3
Solving Rubik's Cube with feet


Rubik 4
The participants, together with their families and supporters, waiting anxiously for their turn to compete


Rubik 5   Rubik 6
Congratulations to the winners