one-north Festival


On 5 and 6 August, the Faculty and the Centre for Quantum Technologies (CQT) participated in one-north Festival, an inaugural event co-organised by the Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR) and JTC Corporation to generate public interest in science and technology by offering them a glimpse into the exciting future possibilities of science and innovation.


The event brought together leading scientists, innovators and entrepreneurs through a line-up of activities which included an exhibition with interactive demonstrations, talks, workshops and tours.


The Faculty fielded three speakers who shared on some of the latest scientific developments and trends. Prof SOW Chorng Haur, Department of Physics, spoke on nanotechnology, “the big science of the small world.” The audience was given a better understanding of how we can make nanomaterials, the unique properties of nanostructures and the potential applications of nanoscience. Prof Sow also included various demonstrations to illustrate nano concepts.


Prof Jason YEO, Department of Chemistry, discussed ways to produce and use energy in clean and sustainable ways. In his talk, Prof Yeo shared that the world’s energy needs are currently met by burning fossil fuels which will eventually be depleted. The combustion of fossil fuels also generates carbon dioxide, which accelerates global warming. Prof Yeo went on to describe how energy can be produced in a sustainable way, which contributes to a cleaner and more habitable environment.


Speaking on shoebox-sized satellites (or CubeSats), Dr Robert BEDINGTON, CQT Research Fellow, described how CQT is building 'SpooQy Sats', technology pathfinders for a highly secure global quantum network. He also shared on the growing industry in nano satellites. Being small and relatively cheap to launch, many research institutes and companies including some in Singapore are sending innovative experiments and technologies into space.


In addition to the talks, CQT and a local startup ‘Bhattacharya Space Enterprises’ jointly set up a booth, and collaborated with the NUS Faculty of Engineering to showcase interesting developments in satellite and space technology. Visitors were intrigued by the exciting CubeSat satellites being built in Singapore and they were also invited to craft their own model CubeSats. The interactive demonstrations showcased the latest innovations in nano satellite technology that will transform our lives, and allowed visitors to experience first-hand the inventions that are made in Singapore.


The event drew a crowd of 6,000, which included students from primary and secondary schools, junior colleges and tertiary institutions, as well as the general public.


OneNorth 1   OneNorth 2
Prof Sow spoke on nanotechnology and included various demonstrations to illustrate nano concepts


OneNorth 4   OneNorth 5
Prof Yeo's talk discussed ways to produce and use energy in clean and sustainable ways


OneNorth 6   OneNorth 7
The audience had a better understanding on shoebox-sized satellites (or CubeSats), through Dr Bedington's talk


OneNorth 8   OneNorth 9
The booth, set up by CQT and 'Bhattacharya Space Enterprises’, was crowded with visitors who were intrigued by the exciting CubeSat satellites being built in Singapore