RAG and Flag 2016


RAG and Flag is an annual NUS project which traces its roots to Welfare Week in 1957. On Flag Day, students collect donations from the general public for various beneficiaries. Following which, RAG, also known as Receive and Give, showcases student performances as a gesture of appreciation to donors for their support and generosity.


Flag Day


Every year, Flag Day sees students from different Halls of Residence and faculties making their way to a variety of locations across Singapore to seek donations from the public in aid of the 23 beneficiaries supported by Community Chest Singapore. This year, more than 400 undergraduates from the Faculty of Science (FoS) participated in the annual Flag Day on 2 August and raised a total of $27,504.91 from tin-can flagging.


The annual RAG & Flag Carnival that took place on 6 August was an additional platform where more funds were raised for the adopted beneficiaries. The NUS Students' Science Club Flag Sub-Committee sold brownies and churros at the Carnival and raised an additional $718. All donations raised by Science students will go towards Lions Befrienders, which is the beneficiary adopted by FoS. 


Speaking enthusiastically about Flag Day, Desmond NG, a Year 4 Statistics student, said, “It was an enjoyable and meaningful experience to flag with other Science students as it was a wonderful opportunity for us to bond with the freshmen!”


“It was heartening to see the kindness and generosity we received from the general public,” said Brandon NG, a Year 2 Life Sciences student.


Click here to view the photo gallery of the Science Flag team at Flag Day 2016.


Rag Flag 1 Rag Flag 2
Science students getting ready for flagging


Rag Flag 3
All smiles for Flag Day 2016


Rag Flag 4 Rag Flag 5
A big thank you to all who donated


Rag Flag 6
Science students doing their part for Lions Befrienders




The NUS Students' Union (NUSSU) returned to University Town this year for its annual RAG event on 6 August. Themed "Big World, Bigger Dreams", Rag Day 2016 celebrated the dreams and aspirations of everyone, both young and old alike.


As part of a yearly tradition, the NUS Students' Science Club RAG Sub-Committee worked tirelessly through the vacation in preparation for RAG Day. The Sub-Committee was divided into three teams, namely Architect, Costumes and Dance, that worked hand-in-hand to put up a spectacular performance to represent FoS. The Architect team was in charge of constructing and decorating the float with recycled and reusable materials. The performance dancers’ costumes that complemented the float were designed and handmade by the Costumes team. The dance performance by the freshmen was choreographed and taught by seniors in the Dance team.


This year, the Sub-Committee introduced a materials collection drive at the start of Semester 2, and the response was overwhelming. Many materials such as aluminium cans, plastic bottles, chocolate wrappers, old clothes, even expired packets of beans, just to name a few, were donated by Science students and staff. The materials were creatively transformed into props for the float that represented the land and underwater world, where humans and merfolk coexist. The dance performanceillustrated how inconsiderate humans pollute the underwater world by littering mindlessly into the sea. This resulted in an attack by the merfolk to destroy the land. Through this attack, both humans and merfolk realised the importance of living harmoniously in a considerate way towards each other, as both species live together in the same world.


Levia ONG, Science RAG 2016 Director, recalled the bittersweet journey of building the float. She said, “We faced various challenges in the building process, such as tearing down and rebuilding the shells due to wrong dimensions. The Costumes team also did not have enough creative ideas for the costumes embellishment. Despite the setbacks, our team continued to brainstorm ideas and fine-tune designs for the float and our performance on RAG Day. We were thankful that more Science students stepped forward to help us with the float building, and the encouragement from one another pushed us on, especially during the late night rehearsals.”


The Science RAG team did the faculty proud by clinching the Gold award for their performance.


Click here to view the photo gallery of the Science RAG team at the RAG and Flag Carnival 2016.


Rag Flag 7 Rag Flag 8
The Architect team sorting out the recycled materials donated by Science students and staff


Rag Flag 9 Rag Flag 10
Constructing the structure of the float

Rag Flag 11 Rag Flag 12
Decorating the props with different coloured yarn strings


Rag Flag 13 Rag Flag 14
Painting of the roof in progress


Rag Flag 15 Rag Flag 17
Rag Flag 16
Plastic bottles were cut and painted for the construction of a pink and purple shell


Rag Flag 18 Rag Flag 19
Aluminum cans were cut into pieces and glued to the giant claw


Rag Flag 20
The starfish was decorated with black beans and grains


Rag Flag 21 Rag Flag 22 Rag Flag 23 Rag Flag 24
The Costume team designed and handmade the dance costumes    


Rag Flag 25
The completed float on display at University Town


Rag Flag 26
RAG director, Levia, cheering the team on before the performance


Rag Flag 27 Rag Flag 28
Rag Flag 29
The dance performance by Science freshmen illustrated why land and underwater species should coexist harmoniously


Rag Flag 30 Rag Flag 31
Levia receiving the Gold award from NUS President, Prof TAN Chorh Chuan


Rag Flag 32
Congratulations to the Science RAG and Flag 2016 teams