Graduate Welcome Reception 2016


This year’s Graduate Welcome Reception held on 3 August was-well attended by close to 150 students. The reception started with a welcome speech by Prof YU Hao, Vice Dean of Graduate Studies, where he gave an overview of graduate life at the Faculty of Science (FoS). Prof Yu also introduced the Deanery, Heads of Departments and the Departments’ Graduate Committee Chairperson.


The students were given a better understanding of the various non-academic units in NUS, namely the NUS Graduate Students’ Society, Science Library, Counselling and Psychological Services, Student Conduct Unit, Centre for Future-ready Graduates, as well as FoS’ Safety and Infrastructure section, through presentations by the respective invited speakers.


The faculty also took the opportunity to acknowledge excellent research undertaken by Science graduate students during the reception. The Best Graduate Researcher Award is presented annually to each department and one Top Graduate Researcher in Science award is given to the most outstanding student.


Sudipto BARI from the Department of Pharmacy, a President Graduate Fellowship scholar, was the winner of the Best Researcher Award and the Top Graduate Researcher Award. Sudipto’s research focused on hematopoietic stem and progenitor cells (HSPC), particularly those obtained from umbilical cord blood (UCB). He has produced his first authored research published in the journal Nanomedicine. This work has received multiple recognitions from the scientific community and media. His second first-authored research publication was also highlighted as Top Story on the website Cord Blood News. To date, Sudipto has contributed to a total of nine publications. His work has won him awards, travel fellowships and oral presentation opportunities at scientific conferences. He was also selected to participate in the Global Young Scientist Summit 2014, where bright young researchers from around the world gathered in Singapore to discuss the latest advances in science and technology and how research can address key global challenges.


Grad Welcome 1

First year graduate students at the welcome reception


Grad Welcome 2

Informative sharing sessions by the invited speakers. From top left (clockwise): Ms Sanna GRANNAS, Careers Advisor, Centre for Future-ready Graduates; Ms LOW Ke Khoon, Head, Science Library; Mr NG Da Xuan, Counsellor, Counselling and Psychological Services; Mr Syam Kumar PRABHAKARAN, Associate Director, FoS’ Safety and Infrastructure; Ms LOH May Yee, Director, MYCG; Ms Audrey LIM, President, NUS Graduate Students’ Society; and Ms Esther TAN, Associate Director and Head, The Student Conduct Unit


Grad Welcome 3

A group photo of the Best Graduate Researcher Award winners. From left: ZHOU Jun, Department of Physics; WANG Lu, Department of Chemistry; Mensah David KWAMENA, Department of Statistics and Applied Probability; Prof Yu Hao; Prof CHAN Yin Thai, Assistant Dean, Research and Graduate Studies; Chadi Abdul Kader EL FARRAN, Department of Biological Sciences; RUAN Xinran, Department of Mathematics; and Sudipto Bari, Department of Pharmacy


Grad Welcome 4

Sudipto Bari, winner of the Top Graduate Researcher Award, with his supervisor, Prof Gigi CHIU


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