SPS Class of 2016 Graduation Dinner


The inaugural SPS graduation dinner for the Class of 2016 was held on 15 July in Carousel at the Royal Scott Hotel. It was attended by 22 students and five staff. 


The graduation dinner served as a precursor to the SPS 20th Anniversary Dinner which will be held on 28 October.


It was a joyous occasion with much laughter and good food.


SPS graduate LEE Yuan Zhe said, "The dinner provided an opportunity for catching up with our cohort before we move on to the new phase of our life. And what better way to end things off than our favourite past time? Buffet! Being part of the SPS family has positively influenced our undergraduate life. We are also inspired to contribute back to the community we have learnt so much from. In the future, we hope to bring back something beneficial to the SPS community.”


SPS graduate Danielle TAN said, "I had a great time interacting with my peers during the dinner. Everyone was happily chatting with one another about their current and future plans. This was the first batch dinner I have participated in and I am looking forward to more of such gatherings in the future. Special thanks to our SPS staff and alumni for making this event possible!"


160803 sps grad dinner 1

The SPS family


160803 sps grad dinner 2

SPS headmentors 2015/2016 (from left to right) Sukainah binte SHAHRI, Danielle TAN, and LEE Yuan Zhe with SPS Director Prof LIOU Yih-Cherng


160803 sps grad dinner 3

Much laughter and good food at the inaugural SPS graduation dinner