Commencement 2016


This year’s Commencement saw more than 1,270 undergraduate and 630 postgraduate students from the Faculty of Science (FoS) being conferred their Bachelors, Masters or Doctor of Philosophy degrees. Over 9 and 10 July, there was a joyous and celebratory atmosphere at the University Cultural Centre as the graduates shared this proud moment with their families, friends and academic mentors.


The ceremonies were graced by three distinguished guest speakers who imparted valuable life lessons and career experiences to our graduates through their motivational speeches. They were Mr Eric SANDOSHAM, Founder and Partner, Red & White Consulting Partners LLP; Prof LAM Toong Jin, Emeritus Professor, NUS Department of Biological Sciences; and Ms Christina LIM, Founder and CEO, Ocean Health Pte Ltd.


Speaking at the first ceremony, Mr Sandosham’s message focused on the importance of learning agility, a competency to give up irrelevant skills, perspectives and ideas, and to embrace new ones, the most important attribute determining leadership and success. He also urged the graduates to be skilled in two languages - Mathematics and English. He said, “We live in an increasingly digitally connected world, which requires you to speak Mathematics. The connected, content-driven world requires a good command of English to not only access it, but more importantly, to participate in it."


Prof Lam encouraged the graduates to take risks to pursue their dreams. Citing the example of Biology alumnus Mr Louis NG, who was highly driven and determined to pursue his passion despite great odds, Prof Lam said, “Don’t be afraid of failure. At this stage, you are not losing much if you fail, and you can learn valuable lessons from failure.” Mr Ng is the Founder and Executive Director of ACRES (Animal Concerns Research & Education Society) and a Nominated Member of Parliament.


Ms Christina Lim related her interesting career pathway, from a pupil pharmacist to an entrepreneur with two well-known brands. She said, “You have the potential to achieve anything you set your heart to do. Your NUS education not only equips you with knowledge for related jobs and careers but also trains you to think and solve problems in very systematic and effective ways.” She also shared with the audience the key learning points of her journey and how she overcame the obstacles during the SARS outbreak in 2003.


We thank our guest speakers for their invaluable advice and wish our graduates success in their future endeavours.


Commencement A      








Mr Eric Sandosham, Founder and Partner, Red & White Consulting Partners LLP,
highlighted the importance of learning agility

Commencement B  







Prof Lam Toong Jin, Emeritus Professor, NUS Department of Biological Sciences,
spoke of taking risks and becoming entrepreneurial

Commencement C  







Ms Christina Lim, Founder and CEO, Ocean Health Pte Ltd.,
shared her career experiences and how she overcame obstacles


Our Valedictorians
Commencement D       

YUEN Sheung Man

B.Sc. (Hons) in Mathematics (Highest Distinction)



“We will be unsure of the challenges that we will be facing, but just like how we
managed to overcome the difficulties faced in NUS, I am sure that we will similarly
know how to persevere when we meet adversities.”


Commencement E  

Dr TAN Beng Kian

Ph.D. in Physics



“It is now our time, to put to use everything we have learnt, all our experiences,
as well as all our mistakes, into this longest open-book exam of them all - Life.”


Commencement F  

LIM Ying Jun

B.Sc. (Hons) in Life Sciences (Highest Distinction)



“Life may get challenging, but our time at NUS has prepared us well, and trained
us to be critical, determined and kind individuals.”



Commencement G   Dr Maxine Allayne Darlene MOWE

Ph.D. in Biological Sciences



“In science, as in life, the big picture is usually only visible after all the data has
been collected and all the statistics have been carried out. Your unexpected result
could be the start of a new scientific discovery.”


Commencement H  

CHANG Huan Ying

B.Sc. (Hons) in Pharmacy (Highest Distinction)



“As we all enter the workforce, do not be disheartened by the hardships that
we will face in future. Instead, be thankful that you have the skills to help others,
and put those skills into good use.”


Commencement I  

Dr HE Qiang

Ph.D. in Statistics and Applied Probability



“Quoting Professor Daniel Libeskind from University of Pennsylvania, “Life is not
just a series of calculations and a sum total of statistics, it's about experience,
it's about participation, it is something more complex and more interesting than
what is obvious.””


Commencement J  

Timothy KWOK Xiongwei

B.Sc. (Hons) in Chemistry (Highest Distinction)



“We are not just here to celebrate a bright future filled with opportunity, but also to
celebrate the opportunity to have studied in NUS and the kindness that enabled us
to complete our degrees.”






Food Science and Technology (FST) Class of 2016 Commencement Lunch


The Food Science and Technology Commencement Lunch was held at the FST Food Processing Laboratory on 10 July to celebrate the graduation of the FST Class of 2016 graduates. More than 150 graduates, family members, guests and staff attended the lunch. The Firmenich Prize Award was also presented to the top FST Honours graduate, Tony LIEW Yong Yew, for his outstanding academic achievements, by Mr Philip CURRAN, Senior Flavourist and Technical Manager from Firmenich Asia Pte Ltd.


“Starting this fall, I will be working in an MNC to gain industry insights. It would not be long before I am back in NUS as a student pursuing higher education,” said one of the graduates TAN Xin Ru.


Commencement FST 1

A drawing of FST students by Tan Xin Ru


Commencement FST 2 Commencement FST 3

FST graduates with their supportive family members, friends and staff


Commencement FST 4

Prof ZHOU Weibiao, FST Programme Director, delivering his opening address


Commencement FST 5

Tony Liew Yong Yew receiving his Firmenich Prize Award from Mr Philip Curran


Commencement FST 6

Group photo of the Graduating Class of 2016 with the faculty members



Bachelor of Environmental Studies (BES) Commencement Ceremony 2016


Commencement BES 1     


Specialisation in Environmental Biology



“Graduation is about celebrating what we have achieved in these four years. Four years ago,
I joined this young programme with a sliver of idealism. Four years from now, I may end up
working in a totally different industry. But that tiny piece of idealism will always drive me to
try more than simply doing my job. Side projects, advocacy, or just change other people's
everyday practices. There is no reason to give it up.”


Commencement BES 2

Our hard work has finally paid off!


Commencement BES 3

BES Director, Prof Edward WEBB with the Class of 2016



Congratulations to the Class of 2016!


Commencement 1


Commencement 2


Commencement 3


Commencement 4


Commencement 5


Commencement 6


Commencement 7


Commencement 8


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