Student entrepreneur: Angus NG


“I manage a fanpage on Mandarin music which I created in 2009. I have been an avid follower of the Mandopop scene for at least 15 years. Hence, I can make comparisons across genres and singers as well as track music trends that singers choose to perform over time.


I am keen to work with like-minded people who are passionate in Mandopop to bring my fanpage to greater heights. I would also like to explore working with organisations to offer reward or incentive schemes, such as free gifts to readers via contests to engage them.


I am also a dancer and through music I hope to promote the use of Mandarin and spread the spirit of kindness amongst the community. The latter is tagged on my Facebook with the hashtag #bekindtooneanother. My fondest memory is of a carnival I hosted for the elderly and children from various Voluntary Welfare Organisations (VWOs). Although the event was a simple one, the audience’s appreciation of my performance tugged at my heartstrings.


I am able to combine my passion for public speaking and my interest in giving back to society through various events and projects. For instance, I hosted a carnival for beneficiaries, including the elderly and children, during ALIVE! (Appreciating Lives, Initiating Volunteerism Every Day) 2015. ALIVE! is a yearly initiative which raises awareness of volunteerism amongst Science students.


I have been privileged to host numerous events, ranging from giving motivational talks to hosting weddings, outdoor events at beaches, as well as big events attended by up to 700 people. I also enjoyed performing at the Department of Biological Sciences’ Talent Night.


Aside from my pursuits in dance and music, I embarked on research during my second year with the Undergraduate Research Opportunities Programme in Science (UROPS). I undertook a year of undergraduate research on parasites, in search of a possible treatment for African sleeping sickness. I also participated in an international Summer Programme (i-SP) which gave me rich insights into the historical roots of the Chinese community at Guangzhou.” – Angus NG, Year 3 Life Sciences Major, Recipient of Dean’s List for Academic Year 2015/2016 Semester 2


Check out the latest weekly pop charts at You can also follow Angus on his Facebook profile ( with the hashtag #hostgagements.


FoSOH15DSC 7736

Angus Ng with his co-emcee, Aik Teck during Faculty of Science Open House 2015